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Middle East satellite internet providers

Satellite pointing and long finder for Saudi Arabia

Map of Turkey and satellite images

Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel

Flowers at Sharm

Street maps for India

Red Sea fish images

More fish images

Fishes at Sharm

Find the depth of the sea

Map of Sharm el Sheikh, plus satellite images.

Quick links to places of interest such as popular resorts and locations we visited. The site we found for snorkelling is about 50m beyond the end of the jetty out from the Tropicana Grand Azure beach.

Double click anywhere to centre and enlarge the scale. If you look carefully you can see a flashing cursor at the centre of the map. The latitude/longitude coordinates of this are shown blow the map and may be helpful for record purposes. The GPS datum is WGS 84.

Input required lat and long of the map centre.
You may input using degrees only e.g. 0.5512

North or South
N    S
West or East
W    E
deg min deg min  

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