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Satellite dish pointing angle calculator for Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan

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Instructions for VSAT or satellite TV dish pointing in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan

If you want a satellite different from Arabsat at 30.5 deg east select the satellite you want to point towards using the pull down menu box at the lower right.  The Arabsat at 30.5 deg east orbit longitude is just an example.

Put your grab hand shaped mouse cursor near your location, hold the left mouse down and  drag to the centre of the map. The map display should pan across so that your chosen location is in the middle. The lat and long of the map centre is then shown below, together with your satellite dish pointing azimuth, elevation and polarisation angles.

To improve the accuracy, click on the plus sign in the navigation zoom boxes at the upper right side of the map.  The scale will get bigger so that you can accurately find your site.  Repeat several times if necessary.  You may investigate the cities and streets for accurate location information.  For satellite antenna pointing, an approximation is OK. There is the option to see the satellite view. Click the radio button at the top of the map. This can be helpful if the street view is not sufficiently detailed.

Dish pointing (Azimuth and elevation mount):

Set the dish elevation angle first. This is the up/down angle and there may be an elevation scale on the mechanism at the back. Setting the feed polarisation angle involves rotating the BUC/LNB.  There may be polarisation rotation scale at the narrow feed throat.   Facing the satellite, clockwise is positive.

For the side to side azimuth bearing use a magnetic compass and boldly swing the dish sideways near that angle.  You should find the satellite on the first swing, then spend half an hour peaking up.  Peaking up is very important for long term service quality and minimum outage time during any rain fades.

The azimuth direction is also shown by the blue line. If you consider the blue line and adjacent buildings or roof edges it may help you point your dish.

I have marked the towns of Buraydah, Kumdah, Al Madinah, Ar-Riyad, Al Manama, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Aden, Yemen and Muscat, Oman. If you want somewhere marked please email me.

Disclaimer and Safety Warning:

The results of this page may be in error,  The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle purposes.  Dish pointing angles may be wrong.  Magnetic azimuth bearings are approximate.  Use is entirely at your own risk.   Apply common sense and don't believe every number that comes out of a computer system.  Take care with satellite dish pointing to not injure others by dropping tools or hurting yourself by falling down.  Use GPS as an alternative.  If I have got some of the town locations or names wrong please tell me. The ones in use now are:

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