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Other geostationary orbit views:

From 60 to 110 deg east longitude (Indian Ocean Region)

From 120 to 170 deg east longitude (Asia, Pacific Ocean Region)

From 10 to 60 deg west longitude (Atlantic Ocean Region)

From 70 to 120 deg west longitude (America)

From 0 to 50 deg east longitude (Atlantic Ocean Region)

Satellite maps: geostationary orbit views from 130 to 180 deg west longitude: Pacific Ocean Region

View point height = 35786 km above the equator.  For each map the Sub Satellite Point is on the equator at the same longitude as the satellite.  Elevation angle to the satellite is zero at the map edge.

This area is sparsely populated and satellites provide vital links for many remote islands.   This part of the geostationary orbit arc is called the Pacific Ocean Region (POR).  Three satellites, spaced about 120 deg apart can provide 'Global' coverage.

Satellite view 130W
View from above 130 deg west longitude
Satellite view 140W
View from above 140 deg west longitude
View from above 150 deg west longitude
View from above 160W
View from above 160 deg west longitude
View of the earth from 170W
View from above 170 deg west longitude
View from above 180W
View from above 180 west longitude

Satellites in the above orbital arc provide largely for international communication between Pacific Islands.  Use is also possible for international links between Canada, USA, Caribbean and South America and Japan and Australia, although high capacity optical fibre submarine cable is preferred if possible.

Many thanks to Christian who pointed out that the wrong satellite view maps were showing on this page.  Hello Eric!  Nice website...But.... You realize that all the orbit view maps on the "120-180deg" page are off by something like 60 degrees of longitude? Cheers Christian.  Now corrected oops !

Links:  Details of beam coverage maps for particular satellites for America and the Caribbean

and satellites for Asia Pacific

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