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Satellite TV antenna aiming and dish pointing calculator for Peru

Choose satellite:

Instructions pointing for VSAT and satellite TV in Peru

First select the satellite you want to find, using the pull-down menu in small box at the lower left.

Put your mouse at your site location and drag the map to the middle..

The map display will move so that the selected point is in the centre. The latitude and longitude of the map centre is then displayed under the map, together with your satellite dish mount pointing azimuth, elevation and polarisation angles.  To refine accuracy, click on the plus (+) sign in the zoom boxes at the upper left of the map.  The scale will change so that you can home in accurately on your location. Repeat. Choose the "Satellite" or "Street" map version to see the satellite photo image of the ground and your city or town streets.

Dish pointing (normal Azimuth and Elevation mount):

Set the dish elevation angle first.   This is the up and down angle.  There may be an elevation scale on the back.    Set the polarisation or skew angle also. This involves starting with the LNB upright.  Then adjust it by rotating the LNB by the calculated amount.  There may be a polarisation rotation scale on the feed throat. Use the tic marks to determine the amount of angle but ignore the sign +/- if it is the wrong way round    Facing the satellite, clockwise is positive. You may have to turn the LNB almost 80 deg or so, in some cases.  For the side-to-side azimuth bearing use a compass or just think where the sun is and the time of day and boldly swing the dish sideways.  West is 270, North is 360 or 0 deg and East is 90 degrees.  You should find the satellite on the first swing, then spend half an hour peaking up.  Peaking up the aiming is really important for long term service quality and minimum outage time during rain fades.

Dish pointing (motor type Polar mount):

The two angles you need are provided on this page: Dish pointing USA. Only your latitude matters.   There are two angles: Set the main polar mount axis angle and the small downward tilt of the dish, and with the motor central, align the dish the whole assembly towards the due south satellite.   Motor rotation angles to the east are positive, to the west negative.

List of towns and cities to be marked.  The name should appear when you put the finger pointer on the marker.  Please tell me eric@satsig.net if you want your town listed.

Huaraz lat= -9.5261  long= -77.5288
Iquitos 3.7617, -73.2482
Yurimaguas -5.894 -76.118
Moyobamba -6.03  -76.971
Lambayeque -6.774 -79.842
Mazamari 15 00 00S   74 30 50W
Lima Lat -12.0371, long -77.008
Arequipa -16.395, -71.5333
Tacna -18.02, -70.2576
Santa Lucia 8 20 10 S   76 23 10 W
Tingo Maria 9 18 00 S   76 01 01 W
Lima   12 5 S   77  3W
Pucallpa 8 22 31S    74 34 23W
Palma Pampa 12 43 47S   73 40 11W
Aguatia 8 26 00 S   75  11 00 W
Mazuco 13 05 60 S   70 19 22W

Disclaimer and Safety Warning:

The results of this page may be in error.  The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle purposes. Dish pointing angles may be wrong.  Magnetic azimuth bearings are approximate and are not available in the polar regions.  Use is entirely at your own risk.  Apply common sense and don't believe every number that comes out of a computer system.  Take care with satellite dish pointing to not injure others by dropping tools or hurting yourself by falling down.  Latitude and longitude may not be accurate.

This page is Copyright Satellite Signals Limited (c) 2006 All rights reserved.   Please report any copyright infringements to me at eric@satsig.net , also feedback on technical errors or problems with this page.  Many Thanks.

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