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Virtual NMS to enable anyone to monitor the operation of iDirect modem/routers.

NYNEX have developed a virtual network management system (vNMS) server/software system to help anyone concerned with the operation of iDirect remote sites.

The system is applicable to satellite broadband service providers and resellers who have a number of iDirect sites that they have a responsibility to monitor and keep working.  It is also applicable to a business leasing several iDirect sites, for example across Africa/Europe/Middle East, but concerned centrally that all sites are operational and working normally.  Even individual end users might wish to have an independent means of monitoring the performance of their terminal.

How it works: Imagine that you are the manager concerned about several iDirect sites. You have access to these sites, either physically by visiting them or by remote access via LAN or WAN using the modem passwords. You need to set up an account on the Nynex vNMS server.  Registration is available to you even if you don't have your iDirect service provided by Nynex.  Having set up the account you download some 'collector' client software that you then apply to all your iDirect routers. Once running, this software collects service status and traffic flow information about your remotes and sends it periodically to the vNMS server.
You now access the vNMS and observe the status and graphical traffic throughput of all your remote sites.

iDirect traffic monitor

About Nynex

Nynex operates a number of iDirect networks in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Satellites include: Eutelsat W6, Telstar 11N,  Eutelsat EB4A Eutelsat W2A and NSS12

Web site:

NYNEX satellite OHG, Robert-Bosch-Stra├če 20, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany


 +49 (0) 6151 500 74 0

The information on this page is based on information provided to me by Nynex. It is for your information only and is not a paid for advertisement.  For more details, contact Nynex.  Feedback about this iDirect virtual NMS monitoring tool is welcomed. Please tell us your experiences in the satsig.net forum.

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