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skyZIP™ security & acceleration software for satellite links

Nynex, based in Germany, have developed an acceleration and security tool to speed up browsing activities for customers using satellite communications.

The tool comprises a software "add-on" for Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

The tool is primarily optimized for use on PCs in LAN networks connected via satellite modem to the internet, but it may be helpful for terrestrial connections as well.

Reducing data usage quantities

The browser extension reduces satellite data usage by using Nynex proxy servers to optimize html web pages and associated image files.  They claim savings of about 50%.

Most web-sites are not speed-optimized. File sizes for images are often far larger then necessary and text type files such as HTML, Javascript and CSS contain many unnecessary space characters and full 8 bit wide uncompressed UTF-8/ASCII character coding.

Images: The software transcodes images to the WebP lossless format which results in typically 80% smaller files sizes.

Text: Content compression is used, deleting unnecessary information from HTML, Javascript and CSS resources plus gzip compression.

Protocol: An optimized protocol, which is the basis for HTTP/2.0, is used between the customer's browser and the Nynex proxy server farm.

The result is significant bandwidth savings for both users and operator.

Accelerating requests

skyZIP™ multiplexes a number of requests and response streams in parallel over a single TCP connection to reduce the TCP handshake overhead. Additionally it is provides higher throughput by removing the TCP slow-start phase.

Overall improvements in download speed for web pages in already TCP accelerated environments is around 100% and on non-TCP accelerated systems is up to 1000%.

Secure connections (HTTPS) are routed from your browser to the destination by saving one roundtrip per DNS request.

DNS lookups are performed by the proxy servers, so there is no need for your browser to wait for responses, thus also reducing the cpu load on the modem.

Security and encryption of the data flow

Harmful web pages are blocked automatically at the Nynex data center - this will save bandwidth, increase the speed as well and will keep your computer away from phishing web-sites.

As satellite data can be physically received all over the footprint, encryption is the only possibility to secure communication from the remote to the hub.

The skyZIP™ browser add-on encrypts all web browsing traffic using TLS 1.2 up to the Nynex data center - even for unencrypted web-sites.

green skyZIP icon logo
Download the skyZIP™ software extension:

Available from the following external https link for Google Chrome:

skyZIP™ add-on for Chrome


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