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Satellite broadband for the Pacific Islands from SpeedCast

SpeedCast (formerly PACTEL) offers a Rural Internet Connectivity System (RICS) is designed to provide 2-way Internet connectivity to all of the Pacific Island Countries with internet download speeds between 256kbits/second and 2,048kbits/second *.

The service offers:

  • Internet services, including internet browsing service, Fax over IP, Audio and Video streaming, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Instant Messaging.
  • Unlimited downloads or capped services **
  • Content filtering (optional)
  • Online billing procedures, allowing users to manager their own usage and subscription levels **

The service is intended for telecommunication providers, schools/universities, medical institutions, remote sites and rural locations, Internet cafes, home offices and individuals.

They offer the RICS service under both Ku-Band (GE-23) and C-Band (APSTAR 6 and NSS 9).


Self-installation is the key part the RICS service. I really approve of this as it has been something I have been trying to encourage ever since I started this web site in 1999.

Customers may download the installation manual and perform the commissioning of the Satellite dish and the pointing procedures independently, thus saving costly professional installation fees. Hooray !

The complete set of equipment measures only 0.350 m3 and weights 48 kg, making shipment costs manageable. Courier services like DHL or FedEx will transport your satellite equipment without any issues. It runs on 110V/220V or 24 Volts and consumes only 35 Watts of power, resulting in compatibility with solar equipment.

Applications Supported:

Telecommunication providers, Schools/Universities, Medical, Rural locations, Remote sites, SOHO (Small Office/Home Office), Meteorology, Geoscience, Internet Cafe

*  For larger capacities, please contact them for assistance.
** Subject to a special subscription option being signed for. Contact them on +61 2 9531 7555 for your choice of subscriptions.

This page is about RICS service.  If you want general or specialised VSAT services such as SCPC, mobile, telephony, GSM or trunking etc, then please note there are additional coverages from other satellites.  Go to their website for further information.

GE-23 at 172E Ku band coverage: Hubs in Hawaii and Sydney
Apstar 6 at 134E C band coverage: Hubs: Perth, Sydney and Hawaii
NSS-9 at 183E C band coverage. Hubs: Oxford Falls, Sydney, Hawaii
The teleport in Hawaii is directly connected to a US Tier 1 backbone.
Shiron satellite broadband VSAT for Pacific area
 Typical customer VSAT installation.  The SHIRON DVB-S2 ACM Intersky technology uses the latest modulation techniques to ensure reliability, availability and throughput.

Contact information:
SpeedCast, Unit 4F, Level 1, Lakes Buisiness Park, 12 Lord Street Botany 2019 AUSTRALIA

Phone:  +61 2 9531 7555

email: info@speedcast.com

speedcast logo

Note that with effect from 18th Jan 2014, PACTEL is operating under the Speedcast name.

SpeedCast website: www.speedcast.com

I have written this page based on information provided by RICS/PACTEL and at their request.
I hope it will be of interest to visitors to this satsig.net web site.  This is not a paid-for advertisement.

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