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Mini-Market Dania, Plati beach, Lemnos


During our four holidays at the Mark Warner Lemnos resort in 2014-2016 we walked several times to Plati village square and to the church and to the end of the headland and to Myrina town.

On these walks we along the length of Plati beach road, from the Lemnos Village Resort and passed the Dania Mini Market, where it was possible to buy ice creams, crisps and chocolate, water etc. These pictures were taken during our  week holiday, 4-11 September 2016.

In Sept 2020 we noted that the hand made blue Dania Mini Market shop sign had disappeared and that the stock was minimal suggesting that it was about to close down. If so, it is sad as this was a handy local shop.

Dania mini market
View of the mini market as seen from Plati beach road

Refrigerated cupboards with juices, beer and water
On the left are refrigerated cupboards with juices, beer and water. The entrance is straight ahead.

Ice cream freezer cabinets
On the right are two freezer cabinets with various ices advertised. The Magnums were our favourite.

Packing cycle bag
Two cyclists with their Cannondate road bikes from the resort.

Bottles of water in packs of six
Packs of Zaros water. Although displayed in packs of 6, there were plenty of individual bottles available.

Refrigerated cupboards with cooled drinks and shelving with items on sale
Bottled and tinned drinks in the cold cupboard.

In front of the mini-market, cat on seat, customer loading water
Note the cat sleeping on the sea in the centre of the picture. I like the colourfully painted cable drums, used as tables on the right.

Standing at the checkout
Paying for water at the checkout

Carrying water
Ready for me to carry in my rucksac back to our room, about 400 yards.

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