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Lakitira Beach Resort: Review of Mark Warner holiday in Kos, Greece.


Sept 2010: This was our first Mark Warner holiday, chosen because it had plenty of boats.

The welcome on arrival, friendliness of the staff and quality of the hotel accommodation and food was outstanding. Higher than expected.

We stayed in the Hotel accommodation block, to the west of the site with views from the upper floors over the trees to the sea. Village accommodations are to the east of the side and face south. If you are considering going I would suggest clarifing where you will be located. Our room had air-conditioning, refrigerator, plus kettle for tea and coffee. We drank boiled tap water with no ill effect.  We dined half board, evenings in the terrace restaurant, with view of moonrise!, and lunches (about 10 - 15 euro per person) at the shaded Breeze snack bar next to the beach.  The evening meals had a great choice and varied significantly from day to day. Free water was available to drink.

Our first week was the last week of the school holidays and the majority of the guests were young couples with small children.  The centre had the most extensive baby and child care service and it was obvious how much this was appreciated by both the children and their mums and dads.  During the second week there were fewer young children and more serious sailing enthusiasts.

Sports offered, in addition to sailing, were tennis, scuba diving, canoeing and cycling. Tennis was popular with 9 courts.  Cycling attracted 6 - 10 people daily.

RYA Sailing:

This Mark Warner resort is a major RYA certified training school. Guests are encouraged to learn to sail and go away with qualifications. People with previous experience can either go for higher qualifications or participate in improver classes to learn more about specifics such a spinnaker handling, sail trim and racing tactics.


A variety of easy and strenuous cycling tours were offered.  We took the easiest guided tour, on the level, to the Malibu beach bar beyond Kardomena, where we stopped for drinks and a rest before returning. Bikes excellent with well pumped up tyres and gears that worked.


We adventured several miles along the beaches to the west and east.  To the west are some 10km of sandy beaches.  From Lakitira you immediately pass the Club Robinson. For next 8km the beaches are unspoiled with few people. Nearer to (Kamari 15km away) along the bay are several named beaches, Exotic, Magic and Bubble beach, which are better approached by car in view of the distance. It is possible to find occasional shade amongst the bushes. To the east it is just 5km to Kardomena. You may follow the road most of the way. Nearer Kardomena there is a proper footpath beside the road.  There are couple of resorts next to Lakitira, then scrub for a couple of km before the road footpath starts into Kardomena. It is suggested that you take the bus into Kardomena (1.60 euro at 8:40, 9:25 or 10:15am) and return on foot.

Freshwater Spring walk: (About 2km or 40 minutes each way),  Follow the  road to Kardomena for 1.3km; you will go past a Y junction where a road joins from the north west. There is a looped track to the south, leading to Tropical Freedom beach. Where this track rejoins the road there is a track to the left, north. Follow this track up the slope for 0.7km to the Freshwater Spring. Note the olive groves, goats and look out for large lizards.


On the return, cross the road and follow the green line to the beach, turn right and then along the beach, past the harbour and along some wooden walkways back to the Mark Warner resort.


We tried snorkelling in three different places, at the Lakitira resort and also about 2km either way along the beaches. We only saw about twenty fishes (in total) and not much at all in the way of seaweed.  We were not that disappointed however, and did manage pictures of five different fishes.

Guest accommodation
Village accommodations.

Red bourgainvillea flower
Red bourgainvillea flowers in the gardens.

White bourgainvillea flower
As above, but the pink/white version.

Lakitira beach resort
View from the Breeze snack bar where we had lunch

Cycling in Kos
Cycling in Kos

Mark Warner sailing in Kos
Mark Warner Lakitira RYA sailing centre

Laser sailing at RYA Lakitira

Laser sailing
Resort beach view

Lizard on rock near the Freshwater Spring.

Olive grove
View of olive groves from walking track.

Water spring
Arriving at the Freshwater spring

Fish with black spot

Multicoloured fish

White fish

Coloured fish

Sea urchin
One of the 4 sea urchins we found.

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