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Make a Mandelbrot image

Send a text message to OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb

HD-189733b : A planet in orbit around a star in the constellation of Vulpecula

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Talking to Icarus - interstellar range and link calculator

Deepest space galaxy photos as taken by the Hubble space telescope

Deep space pictures in 3D

Here above is a YouTube video showing how the Hubble space telescope was used to take photos of the most distant galaxies.

In 2004, looking in the direction of one of the most dark areas of the sky, but not blocked by interstellar gas, they pointed the telescope very steadily, at a point in the constellation of Orion, for several days in order to detect the most distant galaxies.

The colour of stars or galaxies indicates their distance.  The ones with the most red shift being the furthest away. Using this information the scientists were able to construct a 3D view of some 10000 galaxies and the video above illustrates the view that your would see if your were to travel that way - at warp speed perhaps. This is the first 3D picture of such distant galaxies that I have seen.  Enjoy !

Hubble Space Telescope being deployed from the Space Shuttle

space shuttle and hubble space telescope

Here above is an image of a model made from small parts. The Space Telescope is deployed using the long white manipulator arm above.

James Webb Telescope

As a follow-on to the Hubble a larger space telescope has been launched.
Some pictures are to be added here...

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