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Make yourself a Mandelbrot image

Mandelbrot set image
Make yourself a Mandelbrot image

Explore yourself, into the unknown, where no one has been before and see what you can find. A never ending journey into ever more strange patterns, perhaps logical, perhaps random, somehow alive maybe.  Who knows, it is for you to explore and make your assessment.

These images are simply derived from equations - just maths. This is exciting and will make you wonder. Making you wonder is the objective behind this project.  Few people will do this project - so you are someone special if you try. I say, give it a go!

Suggested school project: Make a Mandelbrot image tonight:  Get together with your school classmates or team of friends and put together a collection of the best images you can find.

If you enjoy this project, tell your friends about this page and get them to try it also.  It is all for fun. Enjoy.

How to make your Mandelbrot image.

You need to download a computer program to your PC.

The program is freeware and is called "Mandelbrot Explorer" and may be downloaded from Tucows using this link: Download

The developer is J R Oakley and you can read more about the development and the various versions of the computer program on his website here: http://www.mandel.org.uk/

When you run the program it will make images on your screen.

Save the images you create in a local directory, named for example: My_Documents/mandelbrot-images/

Now use your preferred image processing program, such as Microsoft paint.exe, to enlarge, shrink or otherwise edit and modify the image and then print it, send it to your friends, use it in your facebook, blogs, web site etc.

Read more about the complex numbers behind the mandelbrot set described here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set.

Someone has made a series of Mandlebrot images and strung them all together as frames, making a Mandelbrot video. This may be viewed in the YouTube video above. Click in the middle to play the Mandelbrot video.

Mandelbrot image : coloured waves
Mandelbrot Image - coloured waves.
Mandelbrot image : black and white waves
Black and white waves with three eddies.
Mandelbrot image : looks like ice on window
Ice crystals growing on glass ?
Mandelbrot image : ice with pink light behind
Ice with coloured light light behind ?
Mandelbrot picture with colours altered slightly
Same again but with colours altered slightly.
Mandelbrot shape : The black shapes are the source of the new images
The black growths are source of the Mandelbrot patterns.
Mandelbrot image : Change the colour set
The result of using bright colours. .
Mandelbrot image : change the scale - zoom in or out
Change the scale and zoom in or zoom out.
Make a Mandelbrot image greetings card or poster
I wonder about making posters of this or greetings cards.
Mandelbrot image : Mystery
Why ?
Mandelbrot image : black hole
Nice pattern, shame about the black blob !
Mandelbrot image : UFO
Here comes the Mandelbrot UFO !

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