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Scotland's SETI home page - helping the search for radio signals from extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Promoting SETI research in the UK (University of St Andrews)

Contributions please to eric@satsig.net. If you have picture processing expertise please adjust picture height to under 200 pixels and jpg compression to give under 10k bytes per picture. Thanks. If you want text edited or picture removed please say.

Portonians portonians  Portonians
Portonians Portonians  
Mark Mark
Tony Tony Australia beach
Reiver Reiver .
Chris Chris Chris
Dan Dan Dan
Willie William William
Eric View from North Berwick Law towards the harbour and sea bird centre Dishes
Jim Jim Jim
Buster Buster Buster
EvoDude EvoDude Evo car
Snowdog Snowdog Snowdog
FlyingfocRS Fly  



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