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AM1 satellite 40E Vertical and Horizontal polarisation Ku band Spectrums 2007

Sample satellite spectrum analyser plots 7 East to 22 deg West, 17 May 2007

All spectrums are 10700 -11700 MHz Vertical polarisation.
Please note orbit locations and satellite names not yet matched exactly, except NSS7 at 22W

22W NSS7 Verified

8W AB2 528 ?

18W IS603 472 ?

15W Telstar 487 ?

5W AB3 545 ?

1W IS10 ?

7E W3A ?

10E Hotbird Digital DVB-S TV carriers

16E Eutelsat  ?

19.2E Astra FM TV carriers

23.5E Astra ?

26E PAS5 ?

28.5E Eurobird ?

33E E bird

40E RSCC  AM1 satellite Vertical and Horizontal polarisation Ku band Spectrums 26 Aug 2007

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