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How to adjust the time clock or set the time on a Panasconic Microwave.

This applies to the Panasonic Microwave as illustrated below with four time touch pads. If your model has just three time touch pads in a horizontal line, read the instructions further down.

Adjusting the time clock on the control panel of Panasonic Microwave

Note the two areas of the control panel outlined in RED.

First Press Clock. You should see the display change so that the text "SET CLOCK" appears, scrolling across sideways..

Now Press the button marked 1h.   Repeatedly pressing this will advance the hours displayed on the clock.  If you go too far carry on and the display will cycle back to 0 after 24    Note that the Panasonic microwave uses the 24 hour clock.

Having set the hour correct, now Press the 10min button. This works similarly to the hour but in 6 steps rather than 24.

With the final digit of the minutes to adjust Press the 1min button. Potentially you will need to do this 9 times. Slow down when you get to the wanted minute. 

Panasonic Model numbers like NN-E271 or NN-E281

Photo of control panel awaited - please ...

If your model number is something like NN-E271, NN-279, NN-E281 or NN-E289 etc, there may be three touch pads for 10min, 1 min and 10 sec., in a horizontal row.

Power ON at the mains switch and wait till 88:88 appears.

Press the Timer/Clock touch pad twice. You should see a dot flashing.

Then enter the time using the three time touch pads. Press the touch pads multiple times as required.  If you hold down for a while the time will advance rapidly.

The way the three time pads work is not as expected. The 10 min pad advances the hours. The 1 minute  pad advances the time in 5 minute increments. The 10 second pad advances the minutes. Don't worry just keep pressing till you get the time set.

It is a 12 hour clock, so don't try setting 18:00 for 6pm. That won't work.

When you have the time correct, press on the Timer/Clock pad once.

To use the timer in minute "minder mode", press the Timer/Clock once only to set up the timer and Start to set it going..

If you don't have the instruction manual, I hope the above information is of use to you.  Any comment, please email me at eric@satsig.net

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