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How to set time on Breville microwave

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How to adjust the time clock or set the time on a Samsung Microwave.

This applies to a Samsung Microwave oven, as illustrated below:

Samsung microwave front panel

A larger view of the control panel is shown below. It is assumed the displayed time, in this case 20:24, is wrong, for example, after a power failure or after a change, in Spring or Autumn, to or from "Summer time" and that you need to correct it.

Setting the time clock

Procedure for setting the time on the clock:

Note the rotary dial knob, the "Hand and Clock" symbols at the right, and the square "Clock Select" button just below.

First, press the Clock Select Button.  Turn the rotary dial knob to the left and right and you set either 12 or 24 hour mode.

Then press the Clock Select Button to save the 12/24 hour mode.

Now turn the rotary dial knob to set the time in hours.

Then press the Clock Select Button.

Turn the rotary dial knob to set the time in minutes.

Once you have got the time right, press the Clock Select Button to start the clock.

Well done !

The above information specifically refers to the microwave oven as shown Model MS28J5255US.

I hope the instructions will work for similar ovens with the same style of control panels, such as MS28F303TFK, MS28F303AS, MC28A5135CK,MS23K3515AS, MS28J5215AS, MS23K3513AK and MG23K3575AK.

If you don't have the instruction manual, I hope the above information is of use to you.  Any comment, please email me at eric@satsig.net

Page started 15 October 2021, amended 30 March 2022.