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How to adjust the time clock or set the time on a SMEG cooker.

There are many models of SMEG ovens and cookers. There appear to be two main variations when it comes to adjusting the time. First there is a version with five buttons below the display and second there are versions with no buttons. This page covers all.  Scroll down for the "No buttons" versions if you don't have a row of buttons below the clock display window.

1. Five buttons version SMEG cooker illustrated immediately below:

Adjusting the time clock on the control panel of SMEG cooker

Note the two buttons outlined in RED.

Press both buttons and hold down with left hand.

Then use the plus + and minus - buttons to set the time. Easy !!  I hope....

2.   "No buttons" versions SMEG cooker:

After a mains power outage, or a deliberate 2 minutes of turned off, the time will show as 00:00 flashing. Cooking will not be possible until the time is set.

Clock time display on SMEG cooker oven without buttons

The time is set and adjusted by turning and pressing the Temperature knob. The Temperature knob may be the one on the left in position 1, or in the second position 2.

Turn the temperature knob either way.  Holding it turned will speed up the process. When hours is correct, press the temperature knob.
    Repeat for minutes.
Turn the temperature knob either way.  Holding it turned will speed up the process. When minutes is correct, press the temperature knob.


After a power failure the time display will be flashing 00:00.  The time must be set before any cooking can be done.

If cooking in the Oven is ON, the time cannot be adjusted.  The time needs to be adjusted when the cooker is connected to mains power but while cooking is not in progress.

Pressing the temperature knob several times will cycle the display.

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