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How to adjust the time clock or set the time on a ZANUSSI electric oven/cooker.

Oven control panel Zanussi

This applies to a Zanussi oven cooker, with a central, dark, rectangular touch button control panel as above. This central part of the control panel comprises time clock functions. Our particular model is ZKCXL3X1, but similar instructions will apply to similar Zanussi electric ovens.

Touch screen display

Familiarise yourself with this touch screen. At the top in the middle is the bright 4 digit display which shows the time using the 24 hour clock format. For example 16:59 means 4:59pm.

Important: Underneath, in the middle, is semi visible circle with a vertical single line pointing up and three dots. This is the touch button that allows you to choose, in sequence, one of three clock functions.

You will need to repeatedly press this central touch button to cycle through the 3 clock functions. You can carry on pressing, the fourth press will give same result as the first press.

Settinmg main oven cooking duration
After first press: Main oven duration

At the first (or fourth) press, you will see a flashing touch button symbol on the left which showing two vertical lines separated by a right pointing arrow. This clock function mode allows you to set a cooking duration for the main oven. The cooking duration time only applies to the main oven.

Setting the Minute Minder alert
After second press: Minute Minder (time to beep)

The second (or fifth) press of the clock function makes a flashing touch button to appear at the top left. This looks like a bell and is the Minute Minder which allows you to set the bell to sound after a specified period. While the bell is flashing and within 5 seconds, quickly start pressing the + / - buttons to set the number of minutes you want.  Leave it for five seconds and the flashing will stop. The Minute minder has no effect on the operation of the oven and you can use it for other reminder purposes. When the Minute Minder times down to zero, the beeper will sound.

Adjusting the clock by adding a minute
After third press (Set clock time)

The third (or sixth, or ninth etc !) press of the Clock function makes a flashing touch button appear on the top right. This looks like a small clock face with hands set at 9 o'clock.

While this touch button is flashing you may adjust the time by using the plus / minus + / -  touch buttons slightly lower down, on either side.  Once you have set the time, leave it for five seconds and the flashing will stop.

In the spring and autumn, when the clocks go forward or back, the above above may help.

If you have a power failure, or disconnect the Oven/Cooker from the mains supply, the when you reconnect and power on, the clock mode may immediately go into to time adjust mode with the little clock face touch icon flashing. Attend to the plus/minus + / - touch buttons to set the time. If afternoon or evening remember is uses the 24 hour clock format. 3pm goes in as 15:00.

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