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iDirect Satellite service for the Middle East

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ABS-1 satellite footprint over middle east
ABS-1 Ku band beam coverage area. (satellite orbit position 75 deg east longitude)

Contact details:

Tel UK: +44 (0) 345 5087460
Tel US: +1 202 552 1038
Tel France: +33 1799 72642
Tel Middle East + 973 161 99284
l: contact@auriganetworks.com

iDirect services, both dedicated and shared are offered on the ABS-1 satellite Ku band beam coverage extending from Cairo eastwards.  Countries covered include Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Large teleport hub antennas
Hong Kong located Teleport Hub using iDirect VSAT technology.

With its Hong Kong-located Hub built on award-winning iDirect technology, the network offers premium space segment capacity with unrivalled RF and IP availability, providing military-grade VSAT connectivity to the Middle East and beyond.

The Auriga Network is designed for Broadcast, Corporate and Critical IP Communications applications.

Auriga customers include major International News Agencies, National and International Military Agencies, Aid Agencies, Oil, Gas & Utilities Companies and Multinational Corporations.

Supported applications include MPEG-4 Broadcast, VPNs (no separate accelerator required), VoIP to PBX Level, CCTV Footage Transmission for Unmanned Guard, and all TCP Suite applications including email and web-browsing.

Shared-Access Data Packages, Dedicated 1:1 Video / VoIP PBX Packages, and Occasional-Use Dedicated IP Uplinks for Broadcast are available.

Vehicle mounted VSAT for satellite broadband service
Vehicle mounted iDirect VSAT antenna for news gathering and similar event applications.

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