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Satellite Earth Station for sale

Sorry now SOLD 2007

Large satellite dish, plus full inventory of associated equipment.
Located: Stockport, Manchester, UK     Ex-Satvision Plc.

 Sale started: 15th May 2007

Fully Redundant 6.1m Scientific Atlanta Satellite Earth Station

Skystream Networks SMR 25 DVB/IP Network Manager
Skystream Networks QoS Manager
Skystream Networks zBand Client Manager
RCT Engineering Radio Station

All of which have had little use, the RCT Radio Station equipment is unused?!

Contact for equipment purchase is:  Les Vigerstaff, Managing Director, Tradenorth Plc
Tel 0161 608 1346   Fax 0161 608 1361

Email Tradenorthplc@hotmail.co.uk

Antenna for sale

1 x Scientific Atlanta 6.1mt Antenna
1 x 120Deg Mount
1 x Single Speed Actuator
1 x 4 Port KU Band Feed Tx 13.75 to 14.5GHz
1 x Polarization Drive
3 x LNB 10.7 to 11.8 GHz 40DB Gain SMW
1 x 2 Port Waveguide Tx
1 x 10ft Tx Waveguide
2 x 30ft Rx Coax & Dehydrator
1 x Hub Cover
1 x Lightning Protection Kit

Antenna Drive for sale

1 x Beacon Receiver SSC-343OBTR
1 x Single Speed Motor Controller
1 x 8861 Antenna Track Control
1 x SA bus Control Cable
1 x 8861 Antenna Position Control

Antenna Sub-System for sale

2 x 350W TWTA with RF detector Xicom XT-400K
1 x TWTA Redundancy Switch & Interconnect cables
1 x Miteq VEQ-170 IF Equalizer
2 x KU Band Up-Converter 13.75 to 14.5 GHz 7798
1 x Up-Converter 1:1 Redundant Switchover Unit SA

Skystream SMR25 DVB/IP System for sale

2 x SMR 25 DVB Data Encapsulator
1 x 1:1 Mitec Redundancy Switch
1 x QoS Bandwidth Manager
1 x zBand Server inc Target Manager
1 x zBand SDK inc Upload Server
1 x Network Element
100x zBand Consumer Clients for Windows
RCT Engineering Radio Station
1 x Scheduling / Backup / Capture Server
1 x Archive Server
1 x Playout PC
1 x 24 Port 100 MB Ethernet Switch
1 x Radio Clock
1 x RCT Software Development Package

Diesel Generator System (26 Hours Test use only)

1 x Scorpion D-110 - 110 KVa Diesel Generator with Autochangeover at 160 Amps, Electronic Governing and 8-Hour Fuel Tank
1 x Weatherproof Acoustic enclosure & Residential Silencer

UPS System for sale

1 x Chloride 30 KVa 3 Phase in / 3 Phase out Uninterrupted Power Supply with 15 Minute self-contained batteries in 602 x 750 x 1114 enclosure with Remote Monitoring

Total purchase price of the aforementioned, little used equipment, was approximately ?600,000.00 plus the installation and build costs.

Page started 14 May 2007, updated 6 April 2021.