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YAMAL 200 SC-2 satellite beam coverage

This map information has been provided by IPNet JSC, Moscow, to help find dealers to provide local satellite communication services in the regions covered.

Please email: dealers@zaoipnet.com for information if you are interested.

Uplink C band satellite beam coverage pattern for the Yamal 200 SC-2 satellite at 49 deg east

The beam contours are in uplink G/T (uplink gain to noise temperature ratio).  This refers to the uplink receive beam into the satellite and you should use this number in the uplink part of thelink budget calculation.   Additional information you need is the uplink power flux density required, per transponder to achieve saturation (single carrier per transponder, or to achieve the nominal input back off required for multi-carrier operation.  The figure may be adjusted using on board gain step adjustments.  You also need the corresponding downlink eirp map.

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