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Certified VSAT Installers - We cover all of sub Saharan Africa

Sat Commanders are a team of  GVF Certified Installers spread all over Africa. Our engineers are engaged in almost every country in sub-Saharan Africa; Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Gabon, Central Africa Republic, Congo, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia.

We are familiar with most satellite modems, from Idirect, Diretway, Hugues, Gilat etc. Experience in Design and Operation of Satellite Communication Networks and Network management systems, including Broadband IP over satellite, TDMA, DVB-S2 and SCPC.

We also have a broad experience in Teleport Operations and RF equipment including Antennas and Waveguide Installation, HPA / SSPAs, Up / Down Converters, LNA / LNC / LNCs and Baseband Equipments.

For all VSAT projects, from designing through dish re-pointing to execution, we put at your disposal, professionals who are just dedicated to you.

Sat Commanders is a registered Telecom company with licences for VSAT installation and wireless network deployment.

With more than 12 years on the field, we have carried out more than 120 projects in Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Libya.

email : pelote@email.com

skype : pelote.ayafor (Click to call)

Phone: +237 655 645 673 and +237 652 276 446

WhatsApp : +(237) 655 645 673 (Click to call)

1.8m VSAT dish installation
1.8m VSAT dish installation

Installed teleport dish
Installed teleport dish

Pointing of large teleport dish
Pointing of a large teleport dish

I have written and updated this page at the request of Pelote Ayafor, Sat Commanders.  It is simply for your information and is not a paid-for advertisement.

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