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HX50 VSAT terminal

HX Universal LNB

HX on Telstar 11N satellite

HX VSAT AM22 satellite: Afghanistan

Hughes HX50 VSAT satellite broadband service in South America.

Bentley Walker operate an HX System on Eutelsat E8WB satellite at 8 deg west orbit position in Ku band.

The HX platform employs an efficient implementation of the DVB/S2 industry standard including Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), and is fully compliant with IPoS (IP over Satellite), approved by TIA in North America, and ETSI and ITU in Europe. Special quality of service techniques and advanced proprietary TCP/IP compression give much faster broadband downloads compared with unprocessed feeds.

Since 2010 this was the first HX deployment in South America. Services are provided to customers in South America from the Turin Skylogic teleport, where the HX NOC operates over the E8W footprint.

Contact: For more information please contact them at sales@bentleywalker.com

Web: www.bentley-walker.com

Tel: +44 2392 311 103

HX Satellite internet service area in South America
Linear polarisation at Ku band.

My suggested use of the E8WB Ku band beam beam coverage is the area within the red line. I have assumed operation above 15 deg elevation to minimise propagation effects and that dish sizes correspond to operation within the +49 dBW contour. Larger dishes will permit operation beyond this contour, for example into the Caribbean and Central Americas. Contact Bentley Walker regarding the coverage.

Bentley Walker has extensive expertise in providing satellite broadband solutions across Europe, then Middle East and North Africa using the HughesNet broadband satellite Internet service. Whether you are looking for an Internet connection for one PC or a multi-site business communication solution, they can support your needs. Their range of products includes:  Voice over IP, Mobile satellite solutions, Expert NMS, CIR and CBR

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Updated 17 March 2023.