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Message started by McD on Nov 8th, 2007 at 4:52pm

Title: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by McD on Nov 8th, 2007 at 4:52pm
Looking for advice – I currently have HughesNet 4020 two-way system installed.  (OK for surfing etc but ABSOLUTELY USELESS for downloads over 100Mb), on sites that don’t allow download managers, or if the download is interrupted, the use of a resume facility.

Can anyone tell me if you can use the HughesNet uplink to connect to a one-way satellite system, instead of a phone line.  The one-way system says that all you need is a method of connecting to the internet i.e. phone or "always on" connection, but does that include a satellite uplink? Would there be a conflict?

Prior to having the two-way system I had the one-way system and it is still installed (and the two systems ran side by side until my contract expired with the one-way system), I was thinking to reactivate my account and use the multicast facilities for big downloads and for when/if I get FAP’d by Hughesnet, and I would be able to spread my bandwidth between the two systems.
Any ideas, comments?
Thanks in advance

Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 9th, 2007 at 12:39am
Highly unlikely Hughes will (re)commission an old 1-way system. You'd end up paying for two connections anyway - what's the point?

Why is the 4020 "useless for downloads over 100MB" ? Are you sure the problem is not with the rate plan you have selected ?


Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by McD on Nov 9th, 2007 at 4:54pm
Thanks for the response, to answer your questions: This “side of the pond” HughesNet Basic Package for 2 way (128up/512down 1.5Gb per month, soft throttle after 30Mb, hard throttle after 50Mb) works out at roughly $120/$130 a month, the next package up is another $80/$90 per month, and it gets you an additional 1GB but no faster speed.  My oneway package costs about $15per month (unlimited downloads, (they will throttle you back after about 800Mb) plus the use of multicast downloads when your computer is off!).  OK so I’m paying for two subscriptions but the savings are obvious!!  The equipment was already installed so I decided to use it, and it is nowhere near as expensive as upgrading the Hughesnet.

I have been with Hughsnet for over 18 months and I have never exceeded my 1.5Gb limit, and the problem was highlighted recently when I tried to download an upgrade for a piece of software (178Mb) and after it hit the hard throttle it slowed right down to 2/3Kbs and the download was interrupted and when I tried to resume the download, it started from the beginning!  The software company don’t allow the use of a download manager, so I was really stuck.  With the multicast system you put in your request, and you get up the next morning and it’s there.

I was unsure if the two systems would operate side-by side (using HughesNet for the uplink) which was the question I was asking.  The answer is it DOES WORK, I got it up and running today, and both services are running smoothly.  There was a conflict with the proxy setting in IE, but I have got that resolved.

Conversion prices above are approximate - I used $2 to the £1

Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 9th, 2007 at 9:17pm
Good for you Mac. I misunderstood your 1-way to have been an expired HughesNet connection. Makes more sense now.

For other readers that may be secretly harboring the same desires, perhaps you'd consider outlining the steps you took to make your system(s) interact to your satisfaction


Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by McD on Nov 10th, 2007 at 11:19am
Before outlining the steps as you suggest I think I should explain the background circumstances surrounding my set-up.  As with most people who use satellite internet, (limited or no access to phone/broadband is usually the main factor).  With me it was NO phone (I live about 1 mile from the nearest road where there are phone lines).  The local phone company wanted in excess of $12,000 +VAT to install a phone, plus the fact broadband is only available in the major towns, and will be years before it reaches us here “out in the sticks”.  So I looked at satellite as the only other option.  At the time two-way was way out of my league financially, and I had to settle with the one-way system USING A MOBILE PHONE as the uplink, via a local ISP!!  It worked but with a 9.6Kbs uplink, it wasn’t the best of solutions.  Prices for two-way came down, and the local ISP doubled its prices for dial-up.  So I “bit the bullet” and invested in HughesNet Basic Home 500.  The rest is history!  The problems outlined in the above post prompted the reactivation of the one-way system.

Uplink connection to one-way with a phone line: - Opensky software installs and it sets proxy settings in Internet Explorer.
It also provides an option where you can create what it calls an OSDA (Open Sky Direct Access) connection.  That way it connects directly via an existing uplink (can be any type of “always on” connection) and logs you onto the satellite without affecting existing proxy settings.  It seems to bypass its own software and connects you straight to the internet using your own computer proxy settings and using your own DVB software, so the signal goes out via the HughesNet uplink and comes back via the Opensky satellite.

I would say my situation is pretty unique, but if there are people out there who had a one way system (with or without a phone line) and like me moved to a two system, it has provided me with a cheap alternative to increase my bandwidth, and download capacity.  I am now using my HughsNet for all routine internet traffic and my one-way for larger downloads.  
(E.g.  this morning latest Nvidia drivers for Vista 56Mb, and for XP 67Mb, without the mention of soft/hard throttle!!).
Hope this explains things!

Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by USN - Retired on Nov 10th, 2007 at 1:15pm
I see I as also incorrect in doubting that Hughes would recommission a 1-way system. That almost certainly wouldn't happen on this side of the pond.

This topic prompted me to take a look at the current HNSE service plan offerings. I was unable however to find the associated price list, but your word is sufficient. Compared to North America, the monthly download threshold DOES look pretty grim. Technically your solution is comprised of three different subscriptions, but I understand that the mobile phone performs double duty. Too bad you can't consolidate those three expenses into one satisfactory level of 2-way satellite service.

By comparison, I pay $80/month for what's called their ProPlus service level (256k up/1500k down) over here. That 425MB is not a monthly level by the way, there's really no stated monthly limitation on North American service. 425MB is the max throughput (they count both RX and TX here) permitted in any given 4 hour period. Exceed that, and you get hit with the soft FAP (dialup speeds) for about a day. Only chronic abusers get hit with the hard FAP, I do not know any victims personally. For downloads in excess of 425MB, I have to be willing to give up some sleep. FAP thresholds on all plans are temporarily lifted daily - between 0200 and 0500 (local)

It might be worthwhile to check with your VAR regarding an otherwise unstated off-peak grace period.


Title: Re: Two-way & One-way on the same system
Post by McD on Nov 10th, 2007 at 4:48pm
Finding a HughesNet supplier in Europe to publish there prices openly on the web is very rare!  Browse through the Satsig Europe section and I don’t think you will find one that actually has their prices published.  In the UK it varies between £55 - £60 per month for the basic package. Here in Cyprus they charge the same but in CY£ where CY£1 = £1.20 Sterling, (convert that to $’s CY£55 @ 0.40c =$137.50).  I was being conservative when I said approx $120/$130 per month!!

I have queried the prices in the past and I am told that Satellite Broadband in the USA is subsidized (obviously by the European subscribers, I am a cynic!!), hence the BIG price difference.  

The service plans here as much the same as yours from what I can gather just a lot more expensive.  You can use the unmonitoring period (UTC time difference here 7.00am -10.00am) not as bad as the 3.00am -6.00am period in the US! Again, it doesn’t stop you from being FAP’d if you go over your limit even at that time of the morning!

Maybe someone from this page will read this thread and comment of the overpricing here in Europe.  

I seem to remember Eric raising this (about the "best service")  in a thread recently, but didn’t get much of a response.;action=display;num=1183708969
I will watch with interest to see if anyone responds!!

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