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Satellite services in Canada, USA, Caribbean and South America Europe Satellite Internet: Africa Satellite Communications: Middle East Satellite connection in India, Asia and Australia

Satellite broadband and email via direct two-way customer dish terminals is possible throughout Europe following a maturing of the technology and building of European VSAT teleport hub dishes.

Fast web downloads, email, ftp file transfers and streaming video and audio are achieved with short term speeds of typically several Mbit/s, using a share of a high bandwidth outlink connection from a large hub station with a composite rate of typically 64  Mbit/s.

European capacity is almost always shared.  Services for home and small office have high sharing ratios, but are much lower cost than services for business where dedicated 1:1 CIR or low ratio sharing is the rule.

Service providers have tariffs for various service maximum bit rates and amounts of Gbytes downloaded or uploaded peer month. Email and internet web browsing are the preferred intended use. For applications requiring substantial uploading of data or for video, music or VoIP ask about higher price options.

My text about each provider. Click on the email addresses for current prices and to confirm technical details. Maps include the following countries: Canary Isles, Madeira, Tunisia, Russia, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Israel, Syria, Lebanon. Look at the list of companies at the end of this page as well. If you want your company details added to the site, please tell me with interesting details such as service area (beam footprint), frequency band etc. I am not interested in sales blurb or superlative texts.  There is no charge. This is not paid for advertising. Details may be deleted.

News: On the morning of 24th Feb 2022, coinciding with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Tooway/KaSat terminals ceased to work, with all front LEDs off. These sites no longer tune to a satellite downlink carrier and the network management hub has lost control of them. Investigation is ongoing by ViaSat. Service resellers may be able to repair affected modems by reprogramming the firmware.


Starlink is a low earth orbit system (LEO) comprising a constellation of satellites at around 550 km. altitude. As a customer, you will 'see' them moving across the sky, rising up, going across the sky and then setting. At any time there should be at least one visible.

The customer antenna is a flat white structure with many tiny radiating elements forming a Ku band phased array. The resulting beam moves electronically and finds and follows the satellites across the visible sky.

Installation is fully automatic with the antenna setting up its initial physical pointing angle automatically. It is helpful if the antenna has a good wide view of the sky in all directions.

Coverage depends on there being a terrestrial gateway within range or via other adjacent satellites using inter-satellite links. Contact Starlink and ask about coverage in nearby areas, such as Ukraine.

For service go to:  https://www.starlink.com/    Forum

Starlink Coverage Europe
Ref: https://satellitemap.space/

Lepton Global Solutions, a Kymeta company

Lepton logoLepton Global Solutions provides customized, end-to-end satellite communications solutions for both military and commercial customers utilizing Ku-, Ka-, C-, and X-band satellite frequencies.

Example, coverage using Eutelsat 70B Widebeam and Yamal-402 Northern Ku-band Beam in Europe and Baltic countries.

Lepton Global's solutions include fixed VSATs, rapid deploy terminals, and COTM (communications on-the-move) systems. Solutions are available for all world regions, making use of multiple satellite beams and bringing together resources from a number of different suppliers, appropriate to the individual customer requirements. My review.

For more details: https://www.kymetacorp.com/contact/

Europe coverages

Satelliet Service Noord-Holland

This company is a reseller in the Netherlands for Tooway, Astra2Connect and Broadsat Africa services.  Installations in the Netherlands and the border area between the Netherlands and Germany and the Netherlands Belgium.

Met vriendelijke groet / best regards,

Maarten Breet

Satelliet Service Noord-Holland
Adress: Zuid Zijperweg 68
ZIP: 1766 HD
City: Wieringerwaard
Phone: 0031 84-8672973   Fax:0031 847-104437 info@pbreet.nl
Web site: https://satelliet-internet.eu

VAT: NL 8138.00.778.B.01
Commercial registration (www.kvk.nl): 37041560

Satellite uplink for sports race
Connection in France during Alpe d'Huzes, a Dutch event to raise funds to fight cancer.

VSAT for business
Office building with 5 companies. They needed internet, cable and dsl was not there.

Tooway and Hylas service from Bentley Walker
Tooway spot beam coverage

This image shows the Italy based KA-SAT Ka band spot beams for satellite internet to all of Europe, using Viasat Surfbeam technology. Surfbeam modemTooway Surfbeam indoor modem
Hylas Ka band spot beam coverages
This image shows the UK based Hylas 1 satellite beams, using the latest HughesNet HN9600 technology.

Hylas NH9200 modem/router Hylas HN9200 indoor modem.
UK IP address.

Hughesnet and ViaSat Surfbeam routers provide fast, flexible business and consumer broadband access up to 20 Mbit/s.  Consumer terminal pricing is affordable with wide range of monthly tariffs to suit customer usage. It is sound, proven technology which simple ethernet interface. No additional customer software is required. Satellite provides total independence from terrestrial infrastructure and no phone line required.  The HughesNet service, based at Goonhilly, UK has UK based IP addresses. 

Both Tooway© and Hylas operate in the new Ka band and the small precision antennas are intended and well suited to self-installation, similar to satellite TV antennas. Simple customer interfaces:  Plug and play Ethernet 10/100 Mbps. LAN network interface.  There are many tariff options for home and business users, download speeds are up to 22 Mbit/s and upload speeds are up to 6 Mbit/s. Different tariffs offer different traffic quotas. The monthly quotas for each tariff ranging from 2 GByte/month to 200 GB/month.

Go to https://www.bentley-walker.com/ for prices and tariff option details.

Click to email your enquiry > sales@bentleywalker.com

IsoTropic Networks
Isotropic logo Global coverage maps

For higher resolution details of individual European satellite beam coverages, click on the map above right to go to a detailed interactive map at the Isotropic web site.

Fixed : Mobile : Maritime : Auto pointing : Inmarsat

  • Company Owned & Operated Teleports
  • iDirect Host Network Operator (HNO)
  • Flexible & Scalable Bandwidth Packages
  • iDirect Evolution & iNFINITY Networks
  • Installation & Maintenance Services
  • On-Demand Dedicated Bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Contact:  W2835 Krueger Road, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Phone:  +1 262-248-9600
Email: sales@isosat.net

BusinessCom : Internet via Satellite

Businesscom logo
Click logo above to go to their website

Service area

SCPC, DVB, DVB-RCS and D-TDMA Platforms Offered

Regions and Countries covered (but not limited to): All ex-USSR (CIS), including Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova;  All Europe, including Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy.

. DVB/RCS LinkStar based Services for individual home user up to dedicated high bit rates for big business.
. Integrated PEP-iDirect Solution based on iDirect Architecture
. SCPC, DVB and Frame Relay Satellite Backbones

Astra teleport dishes

Services for Home and Individual Usage, SOHO, SME, Internet Cafe, Calling Centre and ISP business up to 4 Mbit/s with SLA Quality Guarantee, QoS, business-class Voice over IP and Videoconferencing support.   Available everywhere within the coverage map. Free VoIP phone and calls to the USA.  Various technologies including ViaSat and iDirect

Contact  vsat-satsigs@bcsatellite.net

The customer VSAT terminal comprises a parabolic antenna dish, similar to satellite TV, together with an indoor modem.   Ethernet cable connects to your PC or local LAN router, typically wireless.  Many local PCs may be connected.  The arrangement is suitable for both home use and for small office / internet cafe type applications.

Radio modules on the front of the dish receive the out-link (or downlink) using a conventional LNB (low noise block down converter) and transmit the return link (or uplink) data using an outdoor transmit block up converter (BUC). The connection is always-on with direct access and is not dependant on dial up or ADSL lines. The most recent outdoor equipments have the transmit and receive function integrated on one module called a TRIA (Transmit receive integrated assembly).

The teleport hub dish is where the VSAT Operator and satellite ISP is located with a very high speed optic fibre digital backbone for worldwide networking connection.

Ku band refers to 11-12 and 14 GHz operation. C band (4/6 GHz) needs generally larger customer antennas but suffers less from heavy rain fading in the tropics. Ka band and small spot beams is the most modern technology and uses frequencies in the 20-30 GHz range.

Have your say now. Please provide feedback about your service provider.

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Help others with advice. Contribute your own problems, successes, failures, wants, sales etc.

This web site is simply intended to be helpful, it does not use pop-ups, flash or other nonsense. There may be errors on this page.  The setting up and control of VSATs in Europe is controlled from the hub providers so any problem sites can be switched off remotely until a technician attends. Also, the equipment design and frequency bands comply to European regulatory "type approval" for general use so that operation does not cause unacceptable interference to other services or continue to require individual licence / licensing for VSAT internet access. Non-approved terminals continue to require individual licensing.

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Satellite dish pointing in Deutschland

Gilat Europe

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