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Message started by rbryant55 on Apr 16th, 2009 at 5:16pm

Title: Can not access registration
Post by rbryant55 on Apr 16th, 2009 at 5:16pm
I followed instructions on set up and had a very low signal ranging from 7-29. I tried adjusting the elevation and was not ble to change it. Further reading told me to check my setup parameters. I re-entered the information again. There are certain blocks I just did not have info for. I could not find the RFU number on the feed horn. What I found was 1500192-0123 and 1500286-0003. The only thing close was 1500192-0111. I entered the number 1500192-0111 and tried to save. The screen went blank and then the following message came up:

"Your selected skin 'Skin1' is either not available or not a PRTG 6 compatible skin. Please check the 'webtemplates\Skin1' subfolder of your PRTG installation or select another skin in the options dialog. "

This is well pass my skill level. Can someone explain what is going on. I tried shutting down everything and restarting. No change.

Title: Re: Can not access registration
Post by Forum Admin on Apr 16th, 2009 at 8:01pm
Regarding the satellite modem, from the style of the numbers you give,  it is probably a Hughes type.

Your service provider should give you the necessary parameters for the manual configuration screen.  It is probably best to leave unspecified parameters blank or unchanged from the default value.   This applies particularly to the "hardware type" menus. Leave alone unless told otherwise.

The 7 - 29 type readings indicate that you have the LNB connected to the modem and that you have successfully aimed your dish at some satellites, but that in no case did the signals received match what your modem was tuned for.   It is strange that changing the elevation made no difference.  I would expect the readings to change when you move the antenna across a satellite.

Ask your service provider what is the name of the downlink polarisation ?   It is very important that you set your polarisation to nominal and then apply the adjustment angle.  Do this before searching the sky.

Determine your pointing angles using Dish pointing Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

Regarding your PRTG error message I wonder if you have a PRTG program running simultaneously on your PC.  If so turn it off for the while.  I don't know if the modem has any SNMP interface.  Have just a single PC direct to the modem during set up.

Best regards, Eric.

Title: Re: Can not access registration
Post by rbryant55 on Apr 17th, 2009 at 6:28am
Thanks Eric. Well I had someone come over and go over everything I did. We changed the adjustment for polarization. I was adjusting polarization by turning the feed/LNB. Changed feed/LNB setting back to 0. Made adjustment to polarization by rotating the dish to 43. The we readjusted the azimuth to 231.  Rechecked elevation which did not change and left it at 34. Tried logging on and it still gave me the PRTG problem. Later I found the PETG program in my recycle bin and deleted it. Still could not hook upto modem to get back to commissioning. I was trying to log on with my IP address and I kept getting a default. Don't ask me why but, I tried my default gateway address and it let me in. I reset all parameters and logged off. I tried to log back on with IP address and it let me in finally. I checked my signal strenth and it is at a steady 15. (I had 7-29 having the dish set the other way) I checked nominal polar and polarization setting(polarization was set by turning the dish, not the feed/LNB) and they are correct. I double checked elevation and azimuth direction. They are all good. I sent a copy of my parameter settings to WAFA to double check. Checked to see if my IPv4 settings automatically set to new addres and it did not. It is setup to do it automatically. Any thoughts.

Title: Re: Can not access registration
Post by Eric Johnston on Apr 17th, 2009 at 7:19pm
You don't say what satellite, your location or the name of the polarisation you are trying to receive.
I assume you calculated the polarisation adjustment to be +45 deg clockwise.
I assume you set the correct initial named polarisation.
If the initial downlink polarisation name was horizontal then the LNB arm would have been upwards initially.
Stand behind the dish and face towards the satellite.  +45 means turn the feed or the entire dish +45 deg clockwise.
Example showing Horizontal polarisation with 45 deg clockwise adjustment:

If you have the new 1.2m Prodelin dish with a 3 axis positioner then the giant scale polarisation plate at the back is at right angles to the beam direction so setting the elevation angle is easy.
Example: Using inclinometer scale:

If you fail to find the satellite on the first bold sideways sweep try up and down in 1 deg increments.  The other satellites are along a diagonal line across the sky.

Modem configuration:
Readings 0 to 29 are power only and vary in response to any and all satellites.  The reading will not go above 29 into the range 30-100 till the modem locks to the wanted carrier and for this to happen the satellite, polarisation, LNB local oscillator frequency and modem configuration must all match.
Check the config parameters.  The HX rx carrier frequency is entered using 100kHz quantisation steps.
If you have altered the "LNB type" from the default, try setting it back "Pure". This may change the DC supply volts and make the LNB LO correct.  WAFA should have given you a config sheet. Enter only what is told and leave all else alone.

Signal reading:
If the reading is stuck and does not change when you point the dish across the satellites then you have an LNB cable problem.  Check that you have only one cable in use from the LNB to the RX IN on the modem.  You can leave the TX cable disconnected at both ends for now.

Once you have connected the low voltage, multi-way, DC power cable between the black power module and the HX modem, never disconnect here again.  Always power OFF and ON using the mains wall switch.  Power OFF before any interference with the coax cables.

The PRTG symptom suggests that you had the PRTG program running on your PC. This may have been scanning all IP addresses on the network looking for things to monitor. Right click on the lower bar of your browser and do Task Manager to find out what applications are running.

If the parameters on the HX modem can never be changed ask WAFA for advice.

If you still have problems send me a copy of the config sheet and the type/model number of LNB in use.   Send a screen dump of the config screen as well (alt +prn scr, then paste into Paint and save as .jpg image for emailing).

Please say when it all works and what was done to fix it.

Best regards, Eric.

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