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Space based power generation

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Sep 18th, 2021 at 2:15pm  
Many times in history the idea has been put about of a satellite in space receiving power from the sun and directing it downwards to create a supply of energy on earth 24/7, except for eclipse periods around the equinoxes.
The power beam might be optical, either power spot or night time illumination, or radio RF power for conversion to electricity. 

As an example, KA-SAT has a solar array power generation of around 16kW and might be able to transmit about 8kW down. Unfortunately the power down is rather dispersed over more than the whole of Europe so not usefully collectable for resale to the power grid. Maybe if all the power were directed into a spot beam 0.3 deg diameter, but such a beam would be about 190km diameter on the earth and the idea of an array of satellite TV dishes covering that area sounds incredible.

What prompted me to write this was that a report is expeced soon from a consultancy that has been paid to make a new review the possibilities, called "Space-based Solar Power as a Contributor to Net Zero".

If you have comments or ideas please add below.
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