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Additional information from Corpskies and its satellite internet service area beam coverage maps.

VSAT technologies and satellite beams:

HughesNet (Direcway) Eutelsat W1, W3 Surfbeam INTELSAT 709, W5
ViaSat Linkstar DVB-S2 on W6 iDirect on W6 , Arabsat 2B and 4B

Coverage maps:

Satellite Internet on Arabsat 2B Middle East and North Africa Ku band beam

Arabsat 2B satellite

30.5 deg east longitude

Ku band downlink EIRP contours.

Peak EIRP = 49.2 dBW.   Beam edge EIRP = 43 dBW (about 6 dB lower, needing a dish 4 times larger in area or 2 times larger in diameter.)

Intelsat 709 satellite beam coverage from 85 deg east longitude
Intelsat 709 satellite beam coverage from 85 deg east longitude Surfbeam

Note the 0, 5 and 10 deg elevation contours on the left.  Operation lower then 10 deg elevation is not recommended due to tropospheric scintillation effects and rain attenuation.

Arabsat 4B or BADR-4 satellite beam, Ku band peak EIRP 51.5 dBW
Arabsat 4B or BADR-4 satellite beam  Ku band peak EIRP 51.5 dBW. iDirect

Eutelsat W4 satellite beam coverage KU band from 70.5 deg east longitude

Eutelsat W3A satellite beam coverage Ku band HughesNet (Direcway)

Eutelsat W6 satellite beam coverage KU band Linkstar and iDirect

Eutelsat W1   10 east satellite beam coverage KU band HughesNet (Direcway)

More information about Corpskies.


Corpskies is a global solution provider for satellite communications offering corporate network solutions for Internet via Satellite, Voice and Video Communication and wireless connections for corporations and business institutions in the Middle East.

Internet connectivity:  Corpskies delivers Complete and reliable IP over satellite solutions for internet, data and images over the entire Middle East. High-speed reliable connection with data rate from 64kbps to 155 Mbps dedicated shared symmetrical or Asymmetrical connection to provide the most reliable and stable Internet Service to meet client's requirements.

Private Networks:  Corpskies provide turn-key solutions for data networks to corporations and government organizations throughout the Middle East with constant and instantaneous transmission of data for multiple-branch operation. Corpskies dedicate huge resources to help companies benefit the most from satellite communication to boost productivity and workflow.

WIMAX:   Large corporations and ISPs requirements are met for distributing Internet access to their local customer base in a given local area. Besides Internet access, WIMAX also gives a Local Area Network environment for branches and sites up to 50km apart.

Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions:  Corpskies provide comprehensive Video and Voice communications solution over satellite for corporations and businesses in the Middle East. Voice and video conferencing made easy with excellent quality weather you are connecting to the other office across town or a headquarter across the world.

Support:  Corpskies operates thought the Middle East through 17 local offices in the. Our engineers and installers work around the clock to provide support to our customers throughout the region.

Contact details:


Please visit their web site: corpskies.com

The information and coverage beams shown here on this page have been kindly provided by Corpskies.

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