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Your dish pointing angles (azimuth, elevation and polarisation/skew) for all Geo satellites

This web page produces a text file, on your device, comprising a list of all your visible geostationary satellites, with dish pointing angles, azimuth, elevation and polarisation.

The page needs your location: latitude and longitude.  If you click the button below, it will try to access your lat/long data, in your device, using your GPS receiver, or with less accuracy, the location of the nearest cell tower or your IP address.

This all depends on your type of OS, browser and privacy settings.  If you get a message saying "Allow for this site" click yes. If you get no response or "Not allowed" message you might be able to fix it by changing your Privacy Settings. Different OS: Windows, Android, iOS and different browsers: Chrome, Edge and Safari all seem to have different default settings and adjusting these settings may solve the problem. If you can't get the automatic process to work I have made it possible to input your lat/long manually.

First try the automatic button method:  

If successful, you will see lat/long and the accuracy above. If the accuracy range is more than +/- 25 km you might try some alternative method. Google Earth is one possibility to get something more accurate. In Google Earth: do Tools/Settings/Display settings/Lat-long format/Decimal. Write down your Lat-Long for future reference, e.g. +40.1234 north and -90.1234 west.

Latitude: Longitude:

In the two Lat / Long boxes above you may optionally edit the figures manually, before proceeding.

The next step will download a list of geo satellites from my server, plus their orbit locations, the calculate your dish pointing angles for each satellite and finally, when ready allow you to saving an output text file into your device.

You should (*) now see a pop up "Save As" window where you may edit your local destination folder and destination file name.

   Azimuth angles are relative to true North. ( North = 0 or 359.9 deg, East = 90. South=180, West=270).
   Only satellites visible above 5 deg elevation are included in the output file.

This page is new June 2024. Please tell me if it works (and what device, operating system and browser) plus any problems or suggestions. eric@satsig.net  The page works for me with Windows 10 and Chrome. Thanks.

(*) 7 June 2024 21:09  There are problems downloading the output text file to Apple iPad devices. Not resolved.

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