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Satellite internet providers in Canada, USA, Caribbean and South America

VSAT installation by Bill Bass

Dish pointing USA

Example VSAT installations by Mike Saenz

Mike has been doing installs for DirecTV, Dishnet, iDirect, Tachyon, Unasat and Hughesnet for around 8 years now.

He is based in Southern California and willing to travel if it makes sense. He is trying to expand his business to be country wide. 

Please contact him here:

Motosat motorized VSAT dish on vehicle roof
Motor driven VSAT dish on roof of vehicle

Andrew VSAT dish
Andrew VSAT dish.  The transmit BUC / receive LNB radio unit in front of the dish had been rotated to match the satellite polarisation angle required.

Motosat motorized VSAT dish on vehicle roof
Quick response communications - connect up the generator and an ethernet cable and you are on line anywhere.

Ground Control VSAT installers vehicle
Installers vehicle.

Ground Control is one of the reputable service providers in the USA.

Ground Control VSAT dish used on Police mobile emergency vehicle
VSAT used for satellite communications from a mobile Police command vehicle that needs quick set up anywhere.

VSAT dish
Typical of many fixed VSAT installations.

The images on this page have been kindly provided by Mike Saenz.  This is not a paid for advertisement.

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