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An amazing and very strange vision.

Amazing strange image

Above is a very unusual and amazing picture.  I am unable to explain how and why it occurred or what, if anything, it means.

I have put the vision here on the internet in the hope that someone may have seen something similar or can offer an explanation or suggestions about it. It makes no sense to me at all.

Description of the amazing image:

The visual field was filled as illustrated above, with a pattern of many small squares, approx 20 x 20 squares in total, although it might have been more, say 30 x 30 squares.

The upper and lower halves were quite different and distinct.

The upper half comprised generally blood (haemoglobin) coloured squares. Within each square there were short horizontal bars of various brightness moving up and down.  There was variety amongst the moving bars and the movements were less synchronised than illustrated above. There may well have been bars moving up in some squares and down in others. I'm not sure.

In the lower half, the small squares were all filled with the same star pattern, all rotating at the same speed.  The image above is a fairly accurate representation, although the number of spokes may be been more.

The four corner regions of the whole view are shown with clarity in the representation above, although the corners may not have existed in the visual field area, which I presume to be approximately circular.

What happened

I was in an aircraft off the coast of Morocco, travelling south in clear sky.  I was sitting looking out of a port side window having been observing some ice crystals on the glass. I closed my eyes and for about 10 seconds saw the image.  The display only lasted 10 seconds and I was unable  to reproduce it or see it again.  Totally amazing.

How I made the image

I made it using Libre Office Calc spreadsheet and took me several days, with several false starts until I got something that was an accurate representation.

In the upper half I inserted random numbers, 1 to 4 in each box and then replaced the numbers with 4 different bar patterns.  This was repeated three more times with the values in the square incrementing randomly from one spreadsheet to the next.

In the lower half I prepared 4 star images in high resolution, each with 32 spokes. The four images were rotated. spaced, at 2.81 deg increments.

The upper and lower halves formed at large 20 x 20 square on the spreadsheet. There were 4 of these spreadsheets, each different incrementally.

Taking screenshots of the four spreadsheets came next and the results were saved as gifs, thus generating 4 sequential frames of an animated gif video (500mS per frame). Each set of 4 frames lasted 2 seconds. This was repeated 5 times, making up a longer 10 second video which was approximately the whole time the visual lasted. I was unable to see it for longer and your view of the video for 10 sec is the same as the limited time I had to view it. I then added longer plain red header (3sec) and footer (10sec), with overlay text. The whole animated gif was set to repeat.

Once I had created the animated gif file (4.02 Mbytes long) we tried to upload it to Facebook to see if anyone could help. The file would not upload if you directly entered the gif image into the Facebook page.  Doing Google search, I discovered that this was not possible but that it was possible to insert a link into the Facebook page linked to the gif image here on this website, like so: https://www.satsig.net/seti/vision-4oct2023c.gif. Also, I wondered if the large file size (4.02 Mbytes) was a problem.  I managed to reduce the file sizes of the header, footer and the four image files with GIMP by using the Colours/Posterize/Posterize option to reduce down to 3 colours. This reduced the entire animated gif size to 1.86 Mbytes.  All then worked well.  We added a line of text to the Facebook page using the Edit function.

What is the view ?   How did it occur ?   What does it mean ?

If you have any ideas or comments about the image please tell me by email and I will add your contribution below. Negative comments as well as positive welcome. It makes no sense to me at all.

1.   I don't think is was cosmic rays as they would have produced pin-pricks of light. I don't think it was some correlation template for detecting drifting CW carriers.  So basically I have no idea at all, so over to you now ...




If you have any friends who can help, such an ophthalmologist or orthoptist, please ask them.

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