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Typical customer applications of VSATs include:

Supermarket shops (tills, ATM machines, stock sale updates and stock ordering).
Chemist shops - Shoppers Drug Mart - Pharmaprix.
Broadband direct to the home.  e.g. Downloading MP3 audio to audio players.
Broadband direct small business, office etc, sharing local use with many PCs.
Internet access from on board ship Cruise ships with internet cafes, commercial shipping communications.
Garages / vehicle sales / petrol stations / motor spares  (tills, ATM machines, stock sale updates and stock ordering).
Hotel chains, hotel internet cafes.
Insurance offices, quotations access to head office computers, VPN.
Car rental offices, ATM machines.
Airlines, travel agents, booking systems.
Airport air traffic control, flight data.
Financial institutions - Banks, ATM machines.
Lottery terminals.
Manufacturers - sales offices, service divisions, plants.
Job centres.
Customs and tax offices / border passport control checkpoints.
Internet Service Providers. POP, VoIP, Cafe.
Phone booths, VoIP, SCPC.
Data file and software distributors.
Pipeline monitoring, well heads, oil rigs.
Rural telephony, data, videophone.
Military, data transfer, voice, temporary fixed and mobile VSAT.
Environmental monitoring, weather stations, seismic monitoring.
Mobile phone base station in remote locations or on board ship.

VSAT is an expensive means of communications and should not be used if terrestrial alternatives are available.  The terrestrial method (cable modem , ADSL phone line) should be much cheaper.

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