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Index page about VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Satellite Communications terminals


Introduction and explanation of VSATs

Broadband satellite - How it works

Satellite link budget

What is TDMA ? explanation

Explanation of satellite links

EbNo measurement and calculation

dB calculator

Noise temperature, noise figure and noise factor

Design your own satellite beam

Antenna gain and beamwidth calculator

Eutelsat beacon frequencies.

Explanation of satellite TV Polar mount plus examples.

How to set up antenna reflector panels using fishing line.

Axial ratio and cross polar discrimination ( XPD ) interference.

Ku transmit reject / receive bandpass filters for sale as used for satellite internet.

Information about how an LNB works and LNBs for sale

Symbol rate

Satellite download speed tester

VSAT network design

How to set up circular polarisation

Explanation of satellite beams

Repositioning geostationary satellites

Map earth from geostationary orbit - with elevation contours

Map earth from geostationary orbit - with polarisation contours

Global beam map from Es'hail-2 satellite

Delta V calculator for orbit changes

Orbit height and speed calculator

Inclined orbit operation

2 line elements calculation

Satellite station-keeping explanation

How to point an offset dish

Pictures and explanation of a complex C band feed

Watch satellite TV on a PC

Miscellaneous VSAT hardware sales

Ku band BUC sale

C band BUC sale

3W Ku band TRIAs for sale

Anacom transceivers and BUCs for sale

14 GHz LNB downconverters for sale

Assorted VSAT equipment sale

Hughes and Gilat equipment for sale (forum archive)

Discussion forums:

Satellite broadband forum

Forum archive

Wireless internet forum

Satellite internet service providers:

Service providers for broadband satellite internet access (ivsat)

Satellite Internet access connection - South, East, North and West Africa (ivsat-africa)

Satellite broadband service providers - Europe (ivsat-europe)

Satellite broadband - Middle East, Iraq (ivsat-2)

Satellite broadband internet service - Australia, Asia, China, India (ivsat-asia)

Intelsat 25 (was called Protostar-1)


VSAT data capacity

Internet via satellite costs

Typical customers using VSATs

O3b orbit serving "other three billion"

Two line orbit elements to One line Charlie elements.

Terrestrial interference into satellite earth stations

Inclined orbit operation and tracking

Ka band satellites

VoIP data rates

VSAT Installation:

VSAT installers worldwide

     US, Caribbean, S. America VSAT installers

     UK satellite internet installers

     VSAT installers Africa

     Tooway installers

VSAT terminal installation

VSAT feed assembly with TX and RX waveguides

How to correct low gain VSATs with heavy feeds

Focal length of parabolic satellite dish

Polarisation angles - definition of skew and polarization

How to point and align the satellite dish antenna

Dish pointing angle calculator

Dish pointing list for all geo satellites

Sub reflector alignment

VSAT antenna anti-icing dish and reflector heaters

Satellite look angle calculator

Deg, min, sec calculator

HughesNet HX50 installation

Microwave spectrum analysers for sale & hire

Prodelin dish dimensions ABCD.

Making an inclinometer

Circular polarisation set-up

Useful external links:

Eutelsat satellites

Intelsat satellites

Lyngsat - listings of satellite TV programs

ViaSat LinkStar etc:

Linkstar serial cable connection

Voice mesh network using Skylinx VSAT dish

Recommended VSAT equipment

Large satellite hub dish antennas for sale

Tooway satellite using Surfbeam DOCSIS modem

Hand held satellite phone and mobile/transportable satellite internet terminals:

Mobile/transportable satellite internet terminals


R-BGAN mobile / transportable broadband satellite internet.    Plain


Iridium satellite phone

2.4m transportable antenna (Batwing type)

1.2m prime focus and dual-optics antennas

Teleport hubs:

SMS Gateway to Africa and Middle East Teleport (Rugby UK)

Teleport VSAT hub sale


C band interference

Site shielding

Terrain height

Maritime mobile satellite communications:

Maritime VSAT

Satellite service for maritime mobile (e.g yachts) in US coastal waters and the Caribbean

Polar mount set up:

Example 1: using screw jack actuator

Example 2: using metal box

Example 3: with wedge shaped box

Example 4: using SG-2100

Example 5: large dish near equator

Example 6: using Stab HH100 motor

Explanation of

Explanation of satellite latency

Speed tester

Explanation of turbo acceleration software

Explanation of Uplink Power Control (UPPC)

LNBs and BUCs for sale:

New Japan Radio

Ku band LNBs

Ku band BUCs

Ku band BUC for sale

LNB description and explanation

How to set up Multiple LNBs

Swedish Microwave

SMW products

CPI C and Ku band amplifiers: satcom division Products

Ku band TRIA : 3 watt BUC and universal PLL LNB for sale


Gilat Satcom - company profile

Satellite communications training:

VSAT installation and VoIP training in Africa

IET Satellite communications course / summer school


Details of iDirect's equipment for broadband satellite internet access service and Netmodem terminal

iDirect Hubs


DirecWay Star Trio install

HX VSAT hub - Bentley Walker and Eutelsat W3A


Eutelsat W3A satellite

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