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Access for Home Outside Moscow, Russia

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John S. Reuther

Dec 1st, 2005 at 10:57am  
Dear satellite internet access providers or techical specialists,

I have been working in Moscow, Russia in commercial real estate for 17 years, and I have a home in the Moscow suburbs, just West of Moscow. 

I need to have broadband speed internet connection from my Moscow suburban home, for personal internet access, and more specifically for TV signal streaming, which is available via Sling Media's Sling Box, (slingmedia.com) which I have set up to my DirecTV satellite receiver and my Time Warner cable Road Runner broadband internet provider in New York city.

I have a technical guy who has set up a satellite for internet access at my Moscow home, which set up provides for the outgoing signal via cell phone and the incoming signal via satellite.  Although it appears that this set up is working, somewhat, as I do have general internet access with outgoing signal through the cell phone and incoming, however slow, back through the satellite, when I try for TV signal streaming through this set up, clearly the incoming is coming through the cell phone access rather than the satellite, and the speed is much too slow.  Such streaming, in order to work successfully, must be of a speed of around 230 kbps or more, the faster the speed, the better the image and sound.

I know that the connection and speed at the NY end is fine, as I am able to view the streaming on my computer at my Moscow office with broadband access, as well as on my laptop when I travel anywhere in the world where I have wireless or broadband access.

I am looking for an organization which can help me with such a setup or provide an alternative at reasonable cost for such personal use.

Many thanks for any help or advice anyone might be able to give me on this question.


John S. Reuther
Chairman & CEO
JSR Holdings Limited
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Sally Bachelder Keil

Reply #1 - Dec 12th, 2005 at 7:16pm  
Chanced upon your query...don't have an answer for you (unfortunately) but I do have a question: did you work at one time for Ford in Michigan? I was a customer service rep for the NY Times and met someone there with the same name....?
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veronica soley steinkirch

Reply #2 - Jan 9th, 2006 at 2:23am  
I read the one response from a woman who questioned if you once worked for Ford.  Did you once have a log cabin in central Pennsylvania?  I have been going through old pictures and have a couple of the cabin and you German shepard dog...can't remember her name.
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