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Ethernet Port Problem

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Feb 10th, 2007 at 4:47pm  
I have 3 Linkstar modems whose ethernet ports appear bad. When a cross-cable is connected from any of them to a PC,  it shows that the network cable is unplugged.

I tried to open the modem to see the possibility of resetting it, and observed it had a RJ11 port with "console" written underneath it. Apparently, I will need that cosole cable to Hyperterminal into it to try to reset it. But I dont know the pin configuration for making RJ11 to DB9 console cable.

Please can anyone help me to fix these problems?
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Reply #1 - Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:04am  
I bet you damaged the rj45 port while your teleport was writing its sw/fw at bank one. So even if you used a console cable and try connect there via hyperterminal, you'll not succeed. In fact i guess it's xilinx microcontroller that stops functioning due to bad image in the eeprom. In fact it's a technical issue that viasat should publish, since downloading SW in the linkstar can occur at each HWreset, and having missing file downloaded (while setting the command lmesetprisw 1 or lmesetprifw 1) can prohibit you telnetting the terminal in order to manually repair it!! I encontered such problem, and viasat refused to help solving it!!!
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #2 - Jun 1st, 2007 at 2:26pm  
Check that your cross over cable is not faulty in some way.  Are any of the insulating spacers bent sideways over the gold contacts ?   

Are you using correct gateway, subnet and IP address?. I think you should still get a green light on PC ethernet socket however.

Failure to communicate via the ethernet was a known fault on some early linkstars. Return to supplier for RMA.

In desperation you could try this http://www.satsig.net/linkstar-serial-cable.htm but warranty will no longer apply and read about the conditions and risks first ...

When commissioning a linkstar do not power off or interfere with it at all while the hub is interacting with it.  I prefer to leave the BUC cable disconnected until the receive aspect if fully aligned and ready.  This may save a premature and unexpected commissioning starting, which you might easily interrupt if you have not finished dish alignment.

Best regards, Eric.
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