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Live Updating QPSKBER Reading Through Telnet Howto

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Jun 15th, 2007 at 9:23pm  
While working with limited tools on my first install I came up with a simple way to produce a live updating telnet, or terminal screen for any command.  Sorry if this has aleady been covered.

I wanted a way to view the current "tcmp" command  without typing it over and over to take readings.  That way I could have a live updating QPSKBER reading while aiming my dish.

I used the free Telnet program "Putty"

1. set up you putty telnet window with a larger sized font so you can read from a distance while aiming.

2. telnet and login to your modem

3. copy whatever command you would like to run to your clipboard  IE "tcmp"

4. maximize or make the putty window visible.  Then bring focus to the ClickyMouse window.

5.  In ClickyMouse record a new macro "use default macro recording settings and select record now.

5. it will hide the ClickyMouse window and you should have putty visible on the screen.  Right click in the putty window and Press Enter.  Then select stop recording macro.  You should have seen the command you had on the clipboard run in the telnet window while recording your macro.

6. select your new macro and add a name.  go to the settings tab and set the repeat times to "9999999"  Then set the playback speed for the command to be run in your telnet session.  I set mine to "3x" which gave me an updated read about every 1 sec.  Your results will vary depending on the speed you recorded your macro.  Do note that setting the speed to high will not work.

7. So long as you have a command on the clipboard and an active putty session in the area you right clicked while you recorded your macro you can repeat this at any time without re-recording a new macro.  

To stop the macro and your command from being run in your telnet session Press "Shift+Esc"

Im sure there are other automation software or methods that can right click and press enter in the putty window continously to produce the same result... please post
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Reply #1 - Jun 20th, 2007 at 7:43pm  
a nice person informed me that the "rep tcmp"  or "rep command" command will accomplish the same thing.  However it only updates every 5 secs where as the method above is capable of updating several times per second.
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Reply #2 - Jun 21st, 2007 at 11:36am  
Hi, I'm using a tool called ZOC from www.emtec.com
It gives me the possibility of defining macros and beside repeating and telent commadn has also possibilities of saving settigns for muliple locations and automaizing supervison of dish performance. Its not free but the savings in work is worth the cost.
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Dunhill Systems
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Reply #3 - Jul 31st, 2007 at 4:35pm  
ZOC is very strong, and comes with a lot of options.

and is Multiple platform
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