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Satellite internet in South America

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Dec 4th, 2007 at 1:17pm  

Our company Arcus Novus, would like to start provide services in South America from the beginning of next year. Till this moment we would like to find any information about this market. There is some steps what are interesting for us:

The price. Our price list to end users in Middle East region you could find here: http://www.arcusnet.com/index.php?lang=2&m=156&sub=157. Do you think this price level will be ok in this market?
Technology. At this moment we provide only iDirect services and we will keep it on South America market. But is it popular to use it? What technology is more popular in your area?
Language. At this moment we are supporting only English language. Do you think it will be difficult to work with this language or need other (Espaniol, Portuguese and etc.)

Thank you for any information. It will help us to go into your market and offer better services when other providers.

PS. You could contact with me directly by email: mno@arcusnovus.com or by using this forum.


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Reply #1 - Nov 3rd, 2010 at 4:04am  
Regarding the platform, iDirect is an efficient platform so it is a good choice. This allows you to be competitive on the bandwidth rates. iDirect produces equipment of the highest quality.
Regarding the bandwidth rates, there is a market for low end and high end. If you set your rates low, your contention rates would be higher and quality would suffer. It just depends on the customer if quality or saving money is a priority.
Regarding the language, it is best to learn the language and culture of the region you are dealing in. You should have an English/Spanish bilingual representative and consider Portuguese if you plan to offer services in Brazil.
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