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User capacity of a Satlink 1910 terminal

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Feb 13th, 2008 at 11:39am  
Technical question.
I have a WiFi Lan behind a single VSAT using a satlink 1910 IDU. The backhaul provider gives me 3mbps/768kbps. I've been told that the Maximum IP throughput of the 1910 is 12MB (forward 4MB-6MB/return 6MB-8MB)

What I want to determine is the number of users the 1910 can efficiently manage.

Can anybody help?

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Feb 13th, 2008 at 1:06pm  
You can read more here about the Satlink system http://www.neratel.com.sg/satellite/DVB-RCS.html

Here is a copy of the Satlink 1910 satellite modem data sheet (230k) pdf file.

The modem itself claims "up to" 18 Mbit/s throughput and maximum return link bit rate of 3 Msps QPSK at 6/7 turbocode = 5.1 Mbit/s.

What service you get will depend on what your service provider has allocated to you.  If the 3mbps/768kbps is dedicated to you then maybe you can connect up to 185 PCs.   If 3mbps/768kbps is shared "up to" rates, then the number of PCs you can connect will be much lower, like 18 PCs (10:1 sharing) or just 2 PCs (90:1 sharing).  How much are you paying per month ?  Divide by about $70 per month and that might give an idea how many PCs can be connected.

Allow 16kbit/s download and 4kbit/s upload per PC.  This assumes normal internet browsing and emails, but excludes high traffic file sharers, viruses, email broadcasters and VoIP users etc.

Regards, Eric.
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