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LNB Frequencies

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Jul 31st, 2009 at 5:22pm  
Dear Sir ,
By knowing LNB LO Frequency, can we say which freq ranges it supports

Like 11.3 is LO it supports 12.25 --12.75 Ghz .

Thanks a lot

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Aug 1st, 2009 at 11:17am  
Some examples...

Input frequency band from satellite waveguide GHz,  Local Oscillator (LO) frequency GHz, Output L band into cable MHz, Comments

C band
 3.4-4.2     5.15    950-1750   inverted output spectrum
 3.625-4.2 5.15     950-1525  inverted output spectrum
 4.5-4.8     5.75    950-1250   inverted output spectrum
 4.5-4.8     5.95    1150-1450  inverted output spectrum
Ku band
 10.7-11.7        9.75      950-1950  
 10.95-11.7      10         950-1700  
 10.95-12.15    10         950-2150 Invacom SPV-50SM
 11.2 - 11.7      10.25    950-1450  
 11.45-11.95    10.5      950-1450  
 11.7-12.75      10.6     1100-2150  
 11.7-12.75      10.75    950-2000 Invacom SPV-60SM
 12.25-12.75    11.3      950-1450 Invacom SPV-70SM
Ka band
 19.2-19.7      18.25     950-1450  
 19.7-20.2      18.75     950-1450  
 20.2-20.7      19.25     950-1450  
 20.7-21.2      19.75     950-1450

More explanation about how an LNB works.

Best regards, Eric.
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