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Looking to replace IPSTAR Satellite Internet Feed

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Aug 21st, 2009 at 1:42am  
At the end of last year, after a fairly extensive review I selected IPSTAR with a local operation in the Philippines to be my send internet supplier.

I have a Globe DSL feed as well, but as Quality of Service is not a high priority in the Philippines, and with multiple days without internet when it suits Globe, I had to choose an additional supplier.

Unfortunately after a number of months, the IPSTAR feed is not up to scratch either. I have a Platinum subscription which should be enough for 10 computers. At numourous times it is not even able to handle one computer, never mind 10.

Of course we all have a fairly good idea why this is so. Its due to the normal problem in the Philippines where they put to many people on one feed. The actual speed between my house and the satellite is good, however it go's to a groundstation just outside Manila where it connects with the internet, and that is where the problems start. Small pipe, to many customers, mean the normal slow response times. I would mind that much if I wasn't paying seven times as much as I do for DSL, but still get the normal shite service. If any of have used the likes of PLDT or Globe, you will know what I mean.

IPSTAR in Thailand, if you happen to see this posting, please note that your partner in the Philippines is really screwing with your reputation.

Anyhow over the past two days, my connection has gone completley unreliable, such that its completley useless now. I am about to terminate the service, so I do need to look for another supplier. Preferable one that provides 2 way connection, terminates in a developed country with a decent pipe to the internet, can guarantee some sort of QoS, and doesn't cost a mortgage on the house.

I am looking for about 2 megs down, one meg up. In addition to being able to supply browsing and chat to multiple PC's, I also connect to my house using remotePC, so I need to be able to have a reliable feed up, as well as down. Some sort of QoS undertaking would be usefull.

I have had a bad experience with a person taking money and not providing a service, so I will only deal with a reliable company who can provide references of good service. I am not interested in one man bands or cowboys!!

If anybody knows a decent provider that could handle these requirements, please let me know.


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Reply #1 - Aug 22nd, 2009 at 3:53am  
Hi Ian,

Assuming you have the correct vsat SCPC equipment,
a 1024 up / 2048 down would be $5,900 a month.

If you have the equipment to do an SCPC up and DVB down,
I would recommend 1024 up / 1024 burst to 2048 DVB down.
THis would be $4,250 a month.

I don't work by the Mb in data transfer.  You have full use of data 24/7.


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Reply #2 - Aug 25th, 2009 at 2:05am  
Thanks for the input Matt.... if even only to calibrate my expectations...

This definately falls in to the category of "a mortgage on the house".

For reference an IPSTAR platinum package costs about $160 per month, so I am afraid that $4250 would not be a suitable alternative.


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Eric Johnston
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Reply #3 - Aug 25th, 2009 at 9:46am  
The dedicated SCPC offer of 1024 up / 2048 down would suit 100 to 200 PCs at your site (i.e. large office, army camp, town/community ISP etc)

A company offering the same bit rates (but with the words "up to" in front) as a shared service might sell the service at 1/100th of the price, but you would be sharing with 100 other sites all using the same satellite capacity.  Obviously your average bit rates will be very much less than the "up to" advertised rates.

Best reagrds, Eric.  
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Reply #4 - Oct 12th, 2009 at 10:42am  
Dear Iain,
I am from WIT - Audit Group, IPSTAR partner in the Philippines.  We are sorry to hear about your experience.  Would it be possible for you to send us more information on the problems that you have encountered?  We believe this is an isolated case if indeed it is happening. Rebates can be extended subject to review of your usage/MRTG.  Please email us at or call our Ph Hotline at +63 309 2222. 
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Reply #5 - Oct 13th, 2009 at 3:47am  
Dear Mr. Iain,

My name is Pet Reforsado, I am the sales manager for We are I.T. Phils. Our company is the only Service Provider and Gateway Operator of IPSTAR Satellite Broadband Service in the Philippines.

I am writing regarding your dissatisfaction you posted  last August 21.  May I know where you get the IPSTAR service and when? also, if you can give me your complete name. We would like to fix your problem regarding the service.

Our platinum plan has a contention ratio of 1:70 meaning for one pipe, there will be maximum of 70 users. To date, we only have 13 platinum users and to date, we are not yet implemented the f the bandwidth hence the all users are pretty much getting the maximum burst speed for platinum plan. That is why we are quite surprised on what you wrote that even with one PC, you cannot use the service.

The platinum plan is recommended for up to 10 PCs.  some of our users are using this for Internet cafe business. This will still work as long as it will not exceed the maximum of 10 users and we do not recimmended using this for on-line gaming since this hugs most of the bandwidth. Please also consider the usage if it is for an internet cafe and since this is satellite there is a default latency or delay.

I would like to know more about your experience and fix the problem. You can contact me directly thru my email: My mnobile number is 0917 584.1955.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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