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MTU Problem on HUB

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Oct 8th, 2009 at 11:28am  
Does anyone having experience with MTU problem on HUB, i have VPN using FO connected to HUB and then to VSAT.
when i traceroute from the HQ to the VSAT , MTU is occured. below is my traceroute :

root@yaris:/> traceroute
trying to get source for
source should be
traceroute to ( from
(, 30 hops max
outgoing MTU = 1500
1 (  2 ms  1 ms  1 ms
2 (  2 ms  2 ms  2 ms
3 (  2 ms  2 ms  2 ms
4 (  2 ms  2 ms  2 ms
5 (  5 ms  5 ms  5 ms
6 (  8 ms  7 ms  8 ms
7 (  9 ms  9 ms  9 ms
8 (  9 ms
fragmentation required, trying new MTU = 1492
8   9 ms
fragmentation required, trying new MTU = 1480
8   9 ms
fragmentation required, trying new MTU = 1472
8   9 ms
fragmentation required, trying new MTU = 1006
8 (  1254 ms  580 ms  576 ms
9 (  567 ms  564 ms  1238 ms

any answer will be helpfull... Smiley

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Maxim Usatov
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Reply #1 - Oct 8th, 2009 at 4:13pm  
Most probably your VPN is set up wrong. Do clients have automatic MTU discovery? Because VPN introduces some protocol overhead you have to make sure the outgoing packets, combined with the VPN overhead, would not exceed the maximum MTU the network can handle.

Sorry I can't advise anything particular as I don't know particulars about your setup.
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Reply #2 - Oct 9th, 2009 at 9:47am  
okay ill check the configuration of the VPN since it handle by different division i have to confirm to get the config.
meanwhile ill check the problem toward... ill traceroute from the VSAT to the HQ and will see does MTU problem also occured on this one.

thanks for ur quick reply Smiley

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