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Welcome to this satellite broadband discussion forum. Wherever you are and whatever your problem we are here to help each other. Connecting to the internet via satellite is not always easy but is critically important to those in remote places or with poor terrestrial infrastructure. Both service providers and customers are encouraged to contribute. Register at the bottom of the forum home page if you wish to contribute or ask question. May 2018: GDPR: Updates to Privacy and Cookies policies: As you may know, a new EU data protection law called GDPR will apply from Friday 25th May 2018. As part of satsig's commitment to protecting the privacy of site visitors and forum members, I have therefore updated the Privacy and Cookie policies. There are now links leading to these policies: Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy, Forum User Agreement, Forum Rules and Cookies at the bottom of the home page and all forum pages. Read the Forum rules.
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New forum section for dish pictures and explanatio

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Jan 22nd, 2010 at 3:35pm  
New forum section for dish pictures and explanations.

To put images here please save your photo and apply cropping (cutting out unwanted side and top and bottom areas) and image size reduction (fewer pixels each way) and then save as jpg or png using substantial compression so as to minimise file size.

Then upload the image to a server somewhere and note its url location.  Then write your message here with lots of relevant text words about the installation that will help other people find a relevent installation and see how how you set it up.  Describe any problems and how they were resolved.  Include text details of the azimuth, elevation and polarisation angles.  Put the image like so:
Use square brackets, not squiggly ones as shown.

If you don't have a server, write the text and mark where the image should go.  Then send the image by email to me and I will put it here on the satsig server.

Images saved elsewhere or of excessive file size may be copied and edited by me and then served from here. Please remember that most visitors still have slow dial up lines.

Best regards, Eric.
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