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Linkstar DVB S2 services

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Jun 16th, 2010 at 12:08pm  
Linkstar DVB-S2 is NOW AVAILABLE all over Africa

Make a 6-months contract, and you will get the first month for FREE!!!!

KB Impuls will be ready to provide Linkstar DVB-S2 service via the new NSS-12 satellite in C-band from the 1st of February 2010.

Please contact us for the price list and make sure you ask us for a three days test link FREE of charge.

KB Impuls provides Linkstar DVB S2 service C-Band all over Africa

KB Impuls provides satellite-based high-speed two way Internet services for ISPs. Working together with market leaders, we establish your direct link to the major European exchange points from any place in the world. We offer flexible bandwidth allocation from 64 kbps to 60 mbps, satellite Bandwidth on Demand features and additional IP services based on our DVB platform. KB Impuls provides a complete solution, which includes teleport service, monitoring and support, Internet access (flat rate) and space segment lease. Additional services like Voice over IP or Virtual Private Networks are available as well KB Impuls Service designs and provides a complete package to meet customerís communication demands.

KB Impuls VoIP Solutions Connecting the world

KB Impuls provides a broad range of international voice services, including linking public switched telephone networks and termination of Voice over IP traffic via satellite. Our customers take advantage of our serviceís high performance, high reliability and cost-effectiveness. Several digital gateways are in place to route our clientís voice traffic to any place in the world.

Internet Service Providers, CyberCafes, public organizations and corporations can take advantage of our high quality, low cost international phone and fax services. KBIS supports furthermore a broad range of voice solutions and equipment.

With kind regards,

Alex Klimpke

email:   a.klimpke@kbi-greece.com
MSN id: a.klimpke@kbi-greece.com
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