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Radyne Modem Fault

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Ex Member

Jul 4th, 2010 at 9:17am  
We have old radyne modem running for one of our scpc link suddenly the modem got hung up all Led's on at a time then we restarted the modem link got up working ok but the modem display has gone and only power led is on what's the reason ?

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Jul 4th, 2010 at 5:20pm  
My first reaction: If it works don't fix it.  You may be able to do everything you want via telnet or the web interface.

Next consider sending it for RMA.

If you want to look yourself - worry about safety and that you may destroy modem completely - use esd precautions. etc.

Check the main power supply voltages, which should be accurately set. After several years electrolytic capacitors need replacing.

It may be just the bright green vacuum flourescent display module, in which case you might swap an identical module from another similar modem to test. That sort of process might localise the fault or damage both display modules. Interfering inside is risky.

Best regards, Eric.
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