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Transponder capacity currently on offer

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Ex Member

Oct 23rd, 2010 at 11:29am  
Please find below the capacity that are currently on offer (C-Band and KU-Band)

i.      KU-Band

1)      NSS-7 Europe/Middle East spot 6.0MHz -
2)      AM-22 Europe wide beam 3.9MHz –
3)      AM-22 Spot 2, 13MHz -
4)      Sesat-1/W7 Europe beam 1.5MHz -
5)      Intelsat 907 S2/NEZ and S2/S1 31MHz -
6)      ABS-1 Southern Beam 6MHz -
7)      Intelsat-902 Spot2 2.3MHz -
8 )      Eutelsat W2A Wide beam Europe 2.8MHz -
9)      Intelsat 907 NEZ/S2 6MHz -
10)      Telstar-11N Africa to Europe 37MHz -
11)      Intelsat-14 Africa/Europe/USA 19.2MHz –

ii.      C-Band

1)      Intelsat 906 SWZ 9.5MHz -
2)      Telstar-10 Global beam 23MHz -
3)      IS-902 Global beam 9MHz -
4)      Atlantic Bird 3 Africa/Europe beam 1MHz -
5)      Intelsat-1R East Hemi 0.5MHz -
6)      Intelsat-905 East Hemi 15MHz -
7)      Intelsat-902 West Hemi 36MHz -
8 )      Intelsat-906 Global beam 27MHz -
9)      AM-44 North/West Africa beam 20MHz -
10)      NSS-10 EA/NA beam 24MHz -
11)      Intelsat-905 SE Zone 6MHz -
12)      Telstar-18 Global 36MHz -
13)      NSS-12 WH/WH 6MHz -
14)      Satmex-5 Continental 3MHz -
15)      NSS-7 EH/EH 3MHz -
16)      Africasat Africa beam 10MHz -
17)      IS-905 EH to NE Zone 10MHz -
18 )      IS-906 SW Zone 10MHz -
19)      IS-1002 NEZ/SEZ and SEz/NEZ 72MHz -
20)      Atlantic Bird 3 Africa 10MHz -

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