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For Sale - C-band TX/RX Antennas

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Dec 9th, 2010 at 10:04pm  
Here are a few of our C-band antennas we have for sale:

Prodelin Model 1383 3.8-Meter Offset Feed C-band Tx/Rx 2-Port LP non-motorized
Andrew 4.6 meter Dual Reflector C-Band Tx/Rx 2-Port LP or CP (non motorized)
Andrew 4.6 meter Dual Reflector C-Band Tx/Rx 2-Port LP Antenna with motorizable mount and AZ/EL jackscrews
Andrew 4.5-Meter Prime Focus C-Band Tx/Rx Antenna with 2-Port LP Feed (non motorized) (qty 6)
Vertex 4.8-meter Cassegrain C-Band Tx/Rx 2-Port non-motorized with motorizable mount and AZ/EL jackscrews (qty 2)
Vertex 6.1 meter Compact Cassegrain C-Band Tx/Rx Antenna (motorizable) with 2-Port LP Feed
Vertex 6.1-meter Compact Cassegrain C-Band Tx/Rx Antenna (2-axis motorized) with 2-Port CP Feed, and Reconditioned Vertex 7134/7150 Tracking Controller/MCU Package (Includes motors, size 11 resolver kits, L-band beacon receiver, cable kits, etc.)
S.A. 7.3 meter Prime Focus C-Band Tx/Rx 2-Port LP (only) non-motorized (qty 3)
Andrew 7.3-meter Cassegrain C-band Tx/Rx Antenna with 2-Port LP Feed (non motorized)
Andrew 7.6-meter Cassegrain C-band Tx/Rx Antenna with 2-Port LP or CP Feed (3-Axis Motorized)
Andrew 9.3-Meter Cassegrain C-Band Tx/Rx Motorized Antenna (1996 vintage) with 2-Port LP or CP Feed (3-Axis Motorized)

All of our antennas are like new, completely reconditioned and refinished to look and perform like new, and include new reflector hardware kits, documentation package, and foundation kits with plans. All are guaranteed to meet FCC, IntelSat, and EutelSat Radiation spec of 29 - 25 Log Theta Curve (2 deg. Compliant), when properly installed by one of our certified installation teams.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions, or need any additional information.

X-Analog Communications, Inc.
1835 Algoa Friendswood Rd.
Alvin, TX 77511
Ph: 409-925-4702
Toll Free: 877-XANALOG

X-Analog Communications, Inc. -- the leader in the sale of new, used and refurbished commercial RF satellite communications electronic equipment and earth station antennas for more than 35 years.   X-Analog has  the world’s largest inventory of used and refurbished commercial satellite equipment.  Each item, new, refurbished or used, carries a warranty at the time of sale.  Please visit our website for additional products and services offered by X-Analog Communications, Inc. -
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Reply #1 - Oct 13th, 2016 at 8:44pm  

Do you still have some used 7m or 9m C-Band antennas?
I am intereseted on them.

please send an email at:

Best Regards
Alejandro Coronado
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