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Re: Skyware KA equipment.

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Eric Johnston
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Jan 6th, 2011 at 5:12pm  
XRC33F16CD, 3 Watt Ka-band VSAT Transceiver

TX: Input 950-1450 MHz Output: 29.5 - 30 GHz.  PLL LO=28.55 GHz needs 10 MHz external reference.
   DC power 15 - 50V.   Typical 1A at 24V

RX: Input 19.2 - 20.2 GHz.  Output 950 - 1950 MHz. PLL LO=18.25 GHz +/-25ppm.
   DC power 9 - 25 V, typical 200 mA

Integrated OMT and transmit reject filter. Cross polarised and linear polarised.
Needs external polariser for circular polarisation operation.

I am pleased to see it confirmed that KA-SAT will use circular polarisation. This will eliminate the need for polarisation adjustment at installation and make life a lot easier, particularly for self-installers.

The polariser is attached to the tx/rx module such that the polariser is at +/-45 deg to the linear polarisations of the tx/rx module.

There are two alternative 45 deg positions.  One for RHCPup/LHCPdown and one for LHCPup/RHCPdown. Two pictures you show illustrate the two alternative ways of assembly.

Do you know if all beams on KA-SAT use the same polarisation ?

Best regards, Eric.
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