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Probecom 3.7M RX/TX Earth station antennas

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Apr 2nd, 2011 at 3:38am  
3.7m antenna reflector incorporates stretch-formed doubly contoured panels with matched radials and hub for ease of field alignment
Probecom 3.7M RX/TX Earth Station Antenna


PDF:http://website url deleted/up_files/3.7m%20antenas%20.pdf

Highlighted Features
*Meets CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements
*CP/LP switchable feed
*High RF performance          
*Galvanized stainless steel hardware            
*Different frequency ranges from many feed configurations
*Ka band antenna with rotary pedestal is available
* Antenna reflector be pre-assembly in works, special designed taper-pin easy instllation and ensure on site assembly accuracy ,no theodolite required

*L,S,X bands and multi-bands
*800MHz bandwidth is available
*Full motion antenna
*Feed blower or deicing with automatic controls
*Two or four Tx/Rx port in linear or circular polarized feeds  

Antenna Accessory
Motorization Kits
Limit Switches
ODU Support Kits
Factory Feed System Testing and Documentation
Ocean /AirTransport Packing
Foundation Kit
Lightening Rod Kit
Grounding Kit Cable-Mounting Kit
Anti-icing and Deicing

Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd (website url deleted) is specially engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing satellite communication earth station antenna and relevant servo equipments. It can offer a complete line of earth station antenna products and systems, such as Satellite communication antennas, TVRO antennas, SNG Antennas, Flyaway antennas, antenna control system and tracking system.

**Details information**  
please get the details information from   http://website url deleted
tel 0086-29-83115011
fax 0086-29-83115033
web:http://website url deleted  
Company: Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd  
Add:keji  Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Amended by forum admin: Also available as receive-only version.

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Probeocm 3.7M Satellite dish  antenna system
« on: 1 June 2011 at 08:27 »

Probecom 3.7M Satellite Dish antennas:
3.7-meter C/Ku band vsat antenna, which uses a shaped parabolic reflector, provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics as well as low VSWR. 3.7m vsat antennas panels are made of stretch-formed aluminum sheet and riveted on the precise mould; such structure has the characteristics of higher accuracy and strong rigidity. The reflector is supported by a galvanized steel fixed ormotorizable pedestal that provides the required stiffness forpointing and tracking accuracy, and it can be installed on the ground or rooftop.Probecom earth station antenna systems are available for a wide range of applications including wireless telecommunication service providers, Internet service provider, system operators and broadcasters throughout the world.
Probecom antenna's performance is steady, easy installation and easy operation; quality is realiable; service is good and promptly; delivery on time, and we try our best to satisfy our customers.
please get the details information from   http://www.probecom.com  
http://website url deleted  
E-mail: sales@probecom.com
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