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iDirect is hiring (especially engineers)

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Aug 19th, 2011 at 4:39am  
Hi:  I am Josh in iDirect's sales/bus dev group.  iDirect is now hiring tons of people, must be at least 40 positions open, maybe more. Mostly based at our HQ in Herndon, Virginia (but some international too outside sales rep in Singapore, tech support Singapore, tech support EMEA, and we need several software engineers for our UK group that works on our SatManage product.)

There are tons of new engineering positions (hardware, software, test at our HQ).  These engineering positions are really hard to fill - if I was ever reincarnated, I think I might come back as a software engineer Smiley  Also, several openings in global supply chain management and quality, also at our HQ.  Plenty of other stuff at our HQ too – Accounting, technical writer, TAC, Program/Project financial.  They are asking internal people to help, so thought I'd post here.  I've been here over 1o years, I love iDirect and its been the best company I've ever worked for BY FAR! E-mail me at jcohen@idirect.net if interested.
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