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Terrestrial Site Selection Checklist

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Aug 24th, 2011 at 10:29am  
In addition to achieving the optimal line-of-sight to the satellite, there are some very important elements to consider when choosing the location for the physical placement of the antenna. The following should be verified when determining the antenna location:
Check to see that the site is relatively flat and level (using a leveler), and that it will be possible to conveniently access the antenna once installed.
Check the site for underground obstructions, such as buried cables or pipes.
Check the site for interference from WiMAX, microwave transmissions, cellular telephone towers and even airport radar.
The site should be free from construction. If construction work is planned in the area in which the antenna will be installed, the use of an alternate location should be considered as the construction can interfere with transmission or damage the antenna and its surrounding infrastructure.
Confirm that installation at the site will follow all local building codes regarding grounding, foundation requirements, zoning rules, setbacks and any other requirements specific to your location.
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