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Help me please!!!!!!!!

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Aug 25th, 2011 at 6:19am  
I am located at FOB Mehtarlam In Afghanistan. I have a bentley walker Satalite the 1.2m 1135 one I have tried my hardest to get this thing set up. I am trying to hit W-7 and no luck. I have my az right the Pol is correct and my angle is good. I had a sat finder it didn't work. I have used a spec annalizer and no luck. We have the recieve freq and tried using that in the Spec A no luck. I had a Professional look at it before he went on leave and he had no luck. We have spent 2 weeks working this issue and still no luck.
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Reply #1 - Aug 27th, 2011 at 9:15am  
Good Morning Sir,
Have you made any further progress with the installation? If not; did you manage to get in touch with a local installer from the list that the sale team provided? Also; are you able to send photographs to me (gary@bentleywalker.com) of the dish installation (feed assembly and line of sight)? If you could also confirm the P/N number of your receive LNB.

Thank you in advance
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